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Hey guys we hope you enjoy our contest entry into the Cupcake Contest, My wife loves to make cupcakes and hopes to some day own a Cupcakecary.

She has many videos like this over at our website under her own tab "Cupcakes" This time she made the 1Up mushroom and the red mushroom to make Mario "big" make sure that you follow the instructions at the back of the box if you need additional information on how to cook the cakes. Aside from that, it's all imagination and creativity.

We hope you enjoyed the video and the cupcakes about as much as we did!

Jill and Ruben!



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    What did you use to attach the top muffin to the bottom cupcake? I can't recall you mentioning it.

    yum!. better than some other mushroom cupcakes i've seen.=]

    I just vote for you thanks for sharing although I think your going to have a tough time against the watermelon fruit basket instructable.

    This is very cute! I love game related things.