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Introduction: Surprise Engagement Ring Box

I wanted to make a Valentines Day project for my YouTube channel and I came up with this idea. Why not make an engagement ring box that doesnt look like and engagement ring box. I have never proposed to anyone before and I wont be anytime soon but I can imagine as soon as the reciepient sees that little square box they know what it is straight away.

I thought if the box looked like a plane simple necklace gift box then it would keep the surprise right up until the box is opened.

I used my X-Carve cnc to create this project. If you would like to use the files I made here is a link to the project ready to go on Inventables website:

Here is a short video of me making the engagement ring box:

Tools Used:

  • X-Carve (cnc machine)
  • Sharp Knife
  • Scissors

Materials Used:

  • American Black Walnut
  • 5mm Packaging Foam
  • Black Felt Baize
  • Spray Adhesive
  • Spray Lacquer
  • Sand Paper

Step 1: Carving

I started by securing a piece of walnut to my X-Carve using a couple of screws.
The piece I was using was from a previous project, the section I used was about 350mm x 75mm x 25mm. This was enough for both the lid and the base the to the box.

As with a cnc project this part is a hands off step. I just let the X-Carve do its thing carving out the box base and lid.

You could of course use other tools to create this project.

Step 2: Sanding

Once the X-Carve had done its thing I just needed to do some sanding to
get the piece ready for finish. The fit of the lid to the base a bit tight but I made some changes to the easel project and it is much better now. It only took a little hand sanding to get the fit just right though.

I sanded the box all over using 350 grit sandpaper.

Step 3: Spray Finish & Add Lining

I used some masking tape to cover the inside of the opening the
X-Carve had created. This will make the spray adhesive stick better later on. I could then use some spray lacquer to finish this project. It dries really quick so I could build up the 4 coats in no time. Once the finish was dry, I removed the masking tape.

To line the inside of the box I used some black felt baize and 5mm packing foam.

The lid of the box received just a piece of black felt baize. I secured it in place using strong spray adhesive.

Because the base will be in contact with the ring I wanted to add foam. I cut a piece of foam slightly smaller than the opening in the base and also cut a slit in the centre, this will allow the ring to be pushed through and held in place. I could then use the spray adhesive to glue on some black felt baize. I folded it over the edges of the foam and trimmed off the excess with some scissors.

I then sprayed more of the adhesive on the back of the foam and secured it into the opening of the base. I made sure to tuck the edges down the side. I then used a sharp knife the cut the slit through the black felt baize, this will allow the ring to be pushed through and held in place.

Thats it finished :) I really hope you liked this project and the idea too.



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Really nice project, and well executed. I had to mute the sound on the video though--the music seemed to have been chosen for maximum annoyance factor.

Thank you Timothy! I'm really glad you liked the project. I'm sorry about the music on the video. Ive had a mixed bag of comments about the the music, some love it and some hate it. I will be sure to keep the music more subtle from now on. I really thought it was a good fit for this video.

Hah, no worries! Your project, you get to pick the music!