The Awesomest Jelly Bean Dispenser Ever

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Here is an idea that has you both building and enjoying a delicious snack for the afternoon! Yep, thats right, a JELLY BEAN DISPENSER! (also works for M&Ms.) Sorry about the sideways pictures. I cant really figure out how to fix that. oops! :)
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Step 1: Materials

For this project, I used...
- 2 4''x4'' pieces of wood 7/8'' thick
- 1 31/2"x31/2" piece of wood 11/2" thick (31/2" 2x4)
- 1 31/2''x31/2'' piece of wood 1'' thick.
- 1 61/2'' to 10'' long piece of wood 1'' thick and 1'' wide
- 1/4'' dowel
- thin piece of wood at least 11/2'' long and exactly 1'' wide
- Mason Jar and cover. (screw on part)
- wood glue
- very small nails
- nails that are able to secure the wood good (not to long, not to short.)
- 1/2'' drill bit
- drill bit the size of the very small nails
- 3/4'' or 15/16'' drill bit
- Table saw
- Band/Scroll saw
- Tape measure
- Square
- Hammer
- Punch
- Needle Nose Pliers
- Varnish, Paint, or Polyurethane.
- Jelly Beans!!!!

Step 2: Cut and Drill

Picture of Cut and Drill
Cut all your wood down to size, and then mark the two 4x4'' top and bottom. find the middle of the top block and drill a hole in it with the 3/4'' or 15/16'' drill bit. Set both pieces aside. take the thin 31/2''x31/2'' piece, and the long piece of wood of the same width. (1'') Put the top 4x4'' piece and place it atop the thin 31/2''x31/2''. Using a pencil, put a dot into the 31/2'' piece through the hole, so you know where to place your long piece. center the long piece of wood over the dot, and mark where it is with a pencil. make the lines you just made about 1/16'' bigger, and cut out on any saw, just make sure it is even. After this, carefully glue and nail down the wood you cut onto the thicker 31/2x31/2'' piece.
jlepack1 month ago
I loved this instructable. I built one similar to this. very fun project.
kosteej3 months ago

Hi! I love this! Do you think it could be possible to re-create the pieces using a 3-D printer?

OutdoorGirl16196 (author)  kosteej2 months ago

yeah, I think so. I have absolutely no experience with 3-D printers, but from what I've heard, this would be a really easy project to make with one. And thanks! I'm glad you like it!

brandt e3 months ago
I might make one out of a log.
OutdoorGirl16196 (author)  brandt e3 months ago

Great idea!

nancyjohns5 months ago
I saw almost the EXACT same thing in a boy's life magazine.
OutdoorGirl16196 (author)  nancyjohns5 months ago
i guess its not as original as i thought!
NoVet547 months ago
you should change how you state the measurements because 31/2" looks like it says thirty-one/two instead of 3.5". Just a tip!
darisrob11 months ago
This is a great project. Thanks for sharing....!
OutdoorGirl16196 (author)  darisrob7 months ago
thanks for reading!
londobali1 year ago
Great job!
i like the idea..

would it work if i drill a hole thru the pusher? so that the jelly beans will drop to my waiting hand (or mouth).. :)
or will it make it stuck? does yours get stuck sometimes?

Thanks for sharing!
dpadevski1 year ago
Heyho, you don't happen to have a metric version of this instructable lying around anywhere, do you? Greetings from Germany
OutdoorGirl16196 (author)  dpadevski1 year ago
no i dont, but i would be happy to make one!
OutdoorGirl16196 (author)  dovehunter21 year ago
I have just made this instructable but whenever try to dispense a jelly bean about 5 come out and they jam the draw thing and squish the jelly beans! Is there a step that I have missed that stops this from happening?
OutdoorGirl16196 (author)  alexanderall1 year ago
hmm, this has never happened to me before. could you have made the opening for the jelly beans to come out of to big? also, if the slider thingy that dispenses the jelly beans is loose, they could get squished that way. Im not sure. I made sure i had the measurments correct on the instructable, but it could be the size of your jelly beans maybe? i always use jelly bellys, but they are quite small. im sorry, i hope this helps!
mmm, I wonder what happenned to the red jellybean :)
hahaha, i guess the world will never know...... :)
OutdoorGirl16196 (author) 1 year ago
just to clarify, this was all my idea, with some help in earlier versions from my uncle. I have never made this in a woodshop class at my school, though it would be really cool if we did!
I saw this posted on lifehacker and it is a great idea. Great job, I may make one tomorrow for peanut m&m's following your plans.
OutdoorGirl16196 (author)  fisherman231 year ago
Thank you!
person%1 year ago
OutdoorGirl16196 (author)  person%1 year ago
stumitch1 year ago
Nice Job! I submitted a gumball dispenser using a similar method i use with my grade 8 kids but i think this project would be a great alternative! just to clarify... the long piece with the channel cut basically just pushes in, the jelly beans drop down than come out when you pull the long piece out, right? do the jelly beans get jammed as they are pulled out ever? (i suppose thats the idea of the 45 deg cut?) well done!
OutdoorGirl16196 (author)  stumitch1 year ago
thats the idea! sometimes the jelly beans get stuck, but they are easy to remove. Thanks!
lynnhowlyn1 year ago
Perfect for holding/dispensing M&M's too!
OutdoorGirl16196 (author)  lynnhowlyn1 year ago
your welcome, and thank-you!
love it
thank you!
chuckyd1 year ago
Well, if you were to make it dispense a handful of jellybeans at a time, it would be awesome!
OutdoorGirl16196 (author)  chuckyd1 year ago
rondust1 year ago
When I first saw this I thought - simple cheap food dispenser.
I will be making these for my children to dispense food to their
Pets - rabbits, ducks and dog. All the animals get a dry food type so all I need to do is resize storage and dispenser feeding needs and presto, the kids walk past and feed, work the dispenser slide, animals feed!
No mess no fuss, top up once a week - too easy. My kids are very young.
OutdoorGirl16196 (author)  rondust1 year ago
thats an awesome idea! i hope your kids and pets enjoy them!
oking rondust1 year ago
That is a great idea.

Horses, dogs, cats, etc. Great idea.
dantistus1 year ago
You are AMAZING!
OutdoorGirl16196 (author)  dantistus1 year ago
spideyk211 year ago
Very nice. Made one of these in middle school shop class. Just found it when cleaning the garage.
OutdoorGirl16196 (author)  spideyk211 year ago
thank you!
tlebsack1 year ago
Great project. I have one that the Grandfather-In-Law built many years ago for use with gum balls.
He drilled the slide hole completely through the slide so that you (should) catch the gum ball in your hand and he also smoothed and slightly tapered the hole with sand paper so that the first available gumball would fall into it easily.

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