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Today's project is the Weighted Companion Cube from Portal, and in honor of the fact that Portal 2 is on it's way I would like to present you with my instructable on how to make a Weighted Companion Cube.  For this project you will need a somewhat moderate skill at carpentry and a significant amount of familiarity with your Tablesaw, Router, and a chisel.

This project puts you in very close proximity to a lot of sharp blades etc.  Proper safety measures as well as safety equipment should be observed and worn at ALL times.  Basically, if you lose a finger it's on you.  So here we go.  

Tool List:
10" or greater Table Saw
Router with a 45 degree chamfer bit (I prefer Diablo myself but you pick)
Shaper Table with a v-groove bit
Drill Press 
3-1/2" Holesaw
1" Holesaw
5/8" Hair pin nailer (check Harbor Freight tools it's indispensible if you are a carpenter!)

Materials List:
1 piece of 2'X4'X1/2" Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF)
1 Piece of 2'X4'X1/4" Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF)

Step 1: Let the Cutting Begin!!!!!!

The cube itself is 5" by 5" finished measurement.  First things first, rip a 5" strip out of your 1/2" sheet and cut that strip into six 5"x5" squares.  Mark center on each of the squares and grab your 1/4" stock.  Second rip a 4" strip out of your 1/4" piece of MDF and cut into 4"X4" squares.  These will be your interior cube and believe me it makes the whole process a lot neater.  You will have scrap of both left over but save the 1/4" scrap for the emblems at the end.  At this point you should have six (6) 5"X5"X1/2" squares and six (6) 4"X4"X1/4" squares
Great instructable, I used this as a base for a 12&quot; one for my Sons Birthday, Used a swivel head lathe for the round bits (including the glued up sides, scary stuff) and 132 passes on the table saw at 45 degrees for the facets etc. Thanks for the guide. My 6 year old is over the moon with it.<br><br>Ended up with:<br><br>
Any chance you could make an instructable for how to make the newer portal 2 companion cube? most of it would be similar, but there is no piece sticking out of it with a heart. instead there are some indents, etc...<br><br>I'm going to make this, and it will be so much fun!
Would you send one too me because i do not have the tools or skill like you do to achive the final product.<br>
I am very much impressed. :) I lack proper tools to do this however. Perhaps my father can assist.<br><br>If not, purchase might be considered. This really is the most impressive looking one I've seen. &lt;3
dude... I LOVE YOU! &hearts;
@quantumkitty, Check out the blog etc there will be so much more! Hint hint....*cough* Samus ball *cough*
FKYEAHSAMUSBALL!! dude, you are amazing. now i might be able to make a sturdy present for one of my friends. she loves the cube, even though she was forced to incinerate it D:
&quot;The Enrichment Center reminds you that the Weighted Companion Cube will never threaten to stab you and, in fact, cannot speak. In the event that the Weighted Companion Cube does speak, the Enrichment Center urges you to disregard its advice.&quot;-GLaDOS
well, i got stabbed once. it hit me at high velocity when i held it over the incinerator bidding it goodbye D:
an incinorator... or an apeture science emergency intellegence incinorator?
I appreciate the compliment thank you. I will try and post stuff as it is made. My company is geared toward this kind of stuff. Also be sure to check out my website if you want to see more of my work.
would i be able to make one from cardboard?
I wouldn't think so given the routing requirements.
:(<br>im gonna be trying so hard to make one from cardboard, im saving the wood for my lifesize dalek. ;)
Quite possibly the most accurate companion cube I've seen on here yet. Can you make me one?
Why yes I can. I sell them for $20.00 the only down side is, due to the lovely gas prices in the U.S., shipping is $25.00. If you would like one, you can send the payment to my paypal account (clockworkatrocity@gmail.com) and I will send you a receipt of purchase and within a week (due to, my outside job etc) I will have it out and shipped to you. If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at the above address.<br>Regards,<br>~Newsome-- owner; Dark Productions LLC
Nothing could ever replace you C.C.!!!!!! <br> <br>(C.C. stands for Companion Cube)
Just in case you are looking for instant gratification I am offering cubes on my etsy store. The more stuff that I can move, the cooler projects I can afford to submit to Instructables! Please be sure to visit my website for further details and check back often for more updates and cool stuff.
how much does all the bits and bobs cost?
how much would it cost if you wanted it to be the right size. about 20&quot; by 20&quot; by 20&quot;
Well...Firstly, I do commission work so if you would like one then I will be happy to get that started for you. Second, if you are like me and enjoy building almost as much as owning then I would put the overall price at around 100 to 120 dollars. That's a rough ballpark but that's what I would assume if you were gonna venture out on your own. the only hiccup I would think that you would run into would be machining on that large of an object.
all told it cost me about 40 ish dollars for the whole thing
This is brilliant! I have been missing my cube so badly...

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