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Introduction: Toilet Costume

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I was inspired to do this costume for my daughter because she was in the process of potty training at the time. Luckily her size was roughly proportional to an actual toilet. She really enjoyed wearing it too because the toilet lid opens to reveal a bowl that functions as the candy receptacle; making it a fun and interactive costume.

Step 1: Supplies

You will need:
1. a cheap plastic bowl with a lip about 12"
2. enough sturdy wire to circumvent the bowl (I used a wire hanger)
3. a piece of cardboard large enough to cover top of bowl
4. hot glue
5. a roll of poly-fil foam (24" x 48")
6. and silky white fabric (24"x 48")

Step 2: The Design

Step 1. cut the foam and cardboard according to this diagram
Step 2. assemble the tank into a box shape using hot glue to secure the pieces (the bottom of the tank will be open for the legs)
Step 3. Run the wire through the front panel of the tank making a hoop the size of your bowl.
Step 4. Place the bowl into the hoop, adjusting it to fit securely.
Step 5. Cover the tank with your silky fabric one panel at a time making the seams at the edges and tacking it on with the hot glue.
Step 6. sandwich and glue the cardboard bowl top and the foam bowl top together (NOTE: the back side of the foam top will have some overhang that is squared off to secure it to the tank)
Step 7. Cover the bowl top with fabric carefully working the wrinkles out as you go. 
Step 8. Line the top up flush with the lip of the bowl, and secure the back side to the tank with hot glue.
Step 9. Shape, and paint a handle from some scrap foam and secure it to the tank front.
Step 10. Trick or Treat!

Step 3: How to Get It Done!

To finish it off, I had her wear a white pair of sleepers to keep her warm. But of course any white clothes will do.

Step 4: The Finished Product




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    that toilet looks like an american standard Champion 4... am i right ?


    I have no idea, this isn't my Instructable. You need to post that question in the comment box at the top of the comments section for it to go to the person who created it, pezzasaurus. :)

    Wow! Nice job building the costume, butt.....

    Halloween the one night a kid can be anyone they want to be, a Pirate, a Princess, a Super Hero, a Toilet? LOL!

    The look on her face says it all! I Love the quote: "Luckily her size was roughly proportional to an actual toilet." Yes lucky for her she was taller than a cow pie and shorter than a Porta Potty! I'm sure this will be used as evidence in a therapy session down the road. LOL!

    This is a perfect costume for kids who are Captain Underpants fans! Remember the Purple Pottie People? I might surprise my grandkids with this on the 31st.

    My son really likes Captain Underpants and wants to be a toilet for Halloween this year. I was so happy to find this! Thanks! He is nine years old so I'm doubling the measurements. Hope it turns out!

    You could add fake legs in the front and hide your real legs with the tank so it would look like you're sitting down. Holding a newspaper would really add to the effect.(obviously this is meant for people older than her)

    HOORAY for originality!!! The typical princess, pirate, clown, superhero are so over done that it is refreshing to see something new. I'm a little surprised to see people take offense....butt then again every party has a "pooper"

    You're 2 for 2 you have an adorable little girl and a great costume :)