First off, I need to thank my wife for being patient with me as I transformed our apartment into an utter mess of cardboard pieces, stinking it up with burning glue and paint and long hours of me talking and obsessing over the smallest details of this costume. She is truly a champion and is worthy of a whole new level of praise for putting up with this. I’d also like to thank dannyeurena. Because he posted his method of building his costume, I was able to save so much time and expand on the ideas he presented. Thanks!

This year I wanted to making a really sick costume. I'm an artist and I wanted to push myself. I also didn't want to spend a lot of money on it either. After days of pondering what I wanted to be, I decided on Soundwave—not the latest crumpled soda can Soundwave from the Bay movies, the original toy/cartoon one. Hands down he was my favorite toy. He had a rocket launcher and came with his own army of minions. This robot was upper management. After some research of various depictions, and fabrications, I began building.

Step 1: Materials

The following list are materials that I used:

Building supplies
  • Cardboard (thick) Make sure it is rigid
  • Cardboard (thin)
  • Chipboard
  • 2” Packaging tube
  • Paper towel tube
  • (1) Metal ruler
  • (1) Triangle ruler
  • (1) Large matte knife with 6 blades
  • (1) Small x-acto knife with about 25 blades
  • (1) Pair of scissors
  • (1) Medium sized cutting board
  • (1) small tape measure
  • (1) Glue gun with (24) glue sticks (This is a MUST!)
  • Bandaids when you burn yourself with the glue gun
Painting supplies
  • (6) Rolls of packaging tape
  • (1) Roll of blue masking tape
  • (1) Construction helmet
  • (1) Can of spray primer
  • (1) Can of house paint (white)
  • (1) Can of spray glue
  • (2) Cans of blue spray paint
  • (2) Cans of silver spray paint
  • Various color acrylic paints (cheaper the better; blue, yellow, red, white, black, silver, gold)
  • Package of various sized brushes
  • Masking paper
  • (1) Cheap pair of shoes (or use your own they won’t be damaged)
  • (1) Backpack (won’t be damaged)
  • (1) Gumball container
  • (1) Reading light
  • (2) Glow sticks
  • (1) Yard of black stretchy fabric
  • (1) 1” strip of galvanized steel
  • (1) roll of adhesive cork
  • (1) Translucent yellow folder
  • Velcro (about a yard of it)
  • (3) yards of 1” nylon straps
  • Elastic waistband
  • (1) pair of hockey gloves
  • (1) small sheet of framing plexi (used to replace glass)
  • Access to print services that can print on 11x17 paper
  • Pop rivet gun with 1/8 rivets
  • (1) sheet of 1” vinyl letters
  • (7) plastic easter eggs
I just read every step of this project and I'm curious..Just how hard is this to make cause you got me wanting to make my own!
I would say it's a challenging project especially since it's variable based on body type and measurements. I finished mine in 30 days, but those were some long days. Starting the project is probably the most difficult. Once all the things start coming together, it moves quickly. Hope that helps.
This should be it.
<p>also by any chance do you still have the image of the tape cassette you used? and how what were the measurements you used for the cassette and plexi glass?</p>
Here is the tape file. The measurements of it would depend on your own measurements.
<p>how did you attach the upper thighs to you to prevent them from sliding or falling down?</p>
They had a strap on the top part that on the other end had velcro so that I could thread it around a belt on my waist. I hope that helps you out.
<p>yes it does! thanks! I am currently taking on your project.. I'm almost done with the legs just need to add paint and the details! btw thanks for continuing to be active on your costume post!</p>
This. Is. Awesome.
<p>wow , great work</p>
<p>HI I am wondering how to measure and get the right shapes at the right size? Are there templates out there?</p>
I just measured off myself and visually tried to make it to scale. No template as far as I know.
<p>Awesome job!!!</p><p>The only thing you can add to the costume is</p><p>make lazerbeak that sticks to your left shoulder.</p><p>That'll be really unique</p>
And if I can find two small children, I could make them into Rumble and Frenzy!
<p>I enjoyed reading your tutorial. I made my son a Frenzy costume using foam floor mats. Check it out. I still want to make some changes to it before Halloween. Hopefully I can get Soundwave done in time for Halloween.</p>
<p>Wow! That is awesome! The amount of detail is crazy in Soundwave's feet. It looks like it's going to be a lot of work, but I'm sure you'll pull it off. I'm sure you and your son will steal the show everywhere you go.</p>
<p>Thanks. Hopefully I can get it done before Halloween, but I might have went overboard with size and details. If you have Instagram, I update my progress on it. user: SophiaElijahToys</p>
<p>If you have a greyhound you could make ravage too!</p>
<p>Thanks for sharing, I based my outfit on yours to start off with, then I started free styling the helmet. I added a fan from an old computer that was powered by a battery for ventilation. Also mounted a speaker where I could play sound effects and had transformers recordings. It went down well at this fancy dress party I went to. </p><p>Thanks again :-)</p><p>Luke</p>
<p>Nice job! I love the idea of mounting the speakers and having an iPod play the sound effects. I'm glad that the tutorial could help.</p>
<p>you inspired me last Halloween, thought I would share a photo, thanks for the inspiration</p>
Thank you so much for your pics and for sharing all of this. I made this costume, with a few changes, in two weeks! LOL I decided to make it for a 4th of July Parade, for my local convention group in Texas, and I found this page two weeks before the deadline. There's no way I could've done this without your post here. THANK YOU SO MUCH!! I'm still adding little things as I go along. But the backpack idea works Great to put a water bag to drink. I'm also learning as I go on how to make it last longer and make it tougher. I took it to my first ever convention at Tokyo in Tulsa, and I loved people's reaction to it. Especially grown men Fangirling over it! LOL You FREAKING ROCK!!
<p>Wow, that turned out awesome! Nicely done! I love the nod to Guardians of the Galaxy.</p>
Here's a video of me at the Convention. Start it at the 7:30 mark. https://youtu.be/Ubw2lUlMkVE
Thanks! Very few people caught that. LOL
Any way you think you could alter instructions to make for a 4 year old? How long did it take?
Yes please need instructions for my 12 year old<br><br>
It would be similar instructions. You'll just need to scale it down. If you look through the pictures in this comment thread, you'll see the final pics of the other member that did it. You can use those as a reference to go by.
It could be scaled to fit multiple sizes. There is another member who scaled it down to fit his son. The pics are in the comment thread. Depending on the amount of detail, it could take anywhere from teo weeks to a month. Mine for all the detail, took a month, but elimate the trial and error, I could have did it in three weeks.
Your costume is just amazing!!! My son has been a robot every year for Halloween. In our town, 12 is the oldest you can trick or treat. Our costumes in the past have been big...but this year we want to go ALL OUT!!! This costume is awesome and our skill level. do you have any measurements or blue prints you could share? James is big for his age. He is 5'11&quot;. If you have any to share....hopefully they'd be close in size. <br>Shannan
<p>Thank you for the kind words. How I was able to get the measurements right for me was to tape a business card on my shirt and take a full body photo. With that, I laid a piece to tracing paper over it and began to roughly sketch out the shapes of the costume. To get the measurements, you use the business card for scale. So if the business card is 3.5&quot; wide and on your printout it's .75&quot; The scale would be 4.6667 (3.5/.75=4.6667). So if the drawn shape was say 4&quot; wide, you could determine that it would be 18.6668&quot; to be full scale. (4X4.6667=18.6668). I hope this helps you out. Let me know if there are any other questions you have and good luck with the costume!</p>
<p>Hi there your costume is absolutely amazing. I started constructing one myself based on yours. I deviated from it and started putting my own spin on it. I am entering into a cosplay competition and I hope you don't mind. I hope I have made it different enough from yours. Thanks</p>
<p>Thank you for the kind words. No worries at all. I shared it so everyone could enjoy it. Good luck on the competition, I'm sure you'll do great. Post a pic, I'd love to see it!</p>
<p>My take on your costume. I didn't win sadly.</p>
<p>Aww. Well I hope you had a fun experience building it. It came out great.</p>
<p>Indeed I did. It has given me lots of pointers for my next suit. Gonna try wheeljack from transformers prime.</p>
<p>Absolutely Superb..amazing..tremendous..congrats</p>
Check out this item I found on eBay: http://pages.ebay.com/link/?nav=item.view&amp;id=321392951951&amp;globalID=EBAY-GB
HAHA, too funny. It looks like Danny's set up.
<p>Keeping strong buddy. Just finished c2e2 with 8 suits done. I'm pretty sure my Transformers crew and I are retiring the costumes. It was a great run, but onto new skies.</p>
<p>That is such an awesome pic. Well done. I thought making one was a challenge. You were crazy enough to do eight! So what's the plan for next year?</p>
<p>well, we're looking into just using the transformers suits for events, like something for kids or a St. Jude's hospital visit. Might be a little challenging with how big we are lol. I am wanting to make a full details suit out of eva foam.. I'm kinda leaning towards Azrael batman myself. But who knows where the year will take us. what about you anything in the works? if you haven't yet, check out my site &quot;spicypandacreations&quot; on FB for more current projects. I just use instructables for .. well.. instructions lol</p>
<p>That's a great way to get the most out of those costumes. I'm sure the kids will love them. Liked, and following your page on fb. I've got a lot of side projects that I've started, but can't seem to find the drive to complete them. I wove 15 pounds of chainmail for a knight's costume that's waiting to be finished, and I'm seriously considering making some cardboard samurai armor for a Box Wars event in SF. Well see. I can't wait to see what you got lined up for the future.</p>
<p>Devastator, Jazz, and Shrapnel not pictured</p>
<p>Wow, that came out great. I can't believe you did it in such a short time frame. Your collection of Transformers keep growing. How are they holding up with all the use?</p>
<p>ha. we have 8 transformers now. i seems like each time we use them, they need a new paint job. lots of scuffs that happen from walking around. We ended up joining this band and dancing on stage, so alot of things ripped off and repairs need to be made prior to c2e2 on the 26th. Im trying to make a blaster carrying case that can play music for us.. How about your suit? do you get alot of scuffs? the thing that we are all having a hard time is the heat, especially our heads. Does your suit get insanely hot?</p>
<p>Mine will have the paint chip off when I used it. I sprayed some clear coat to help it become a little studier. I totally feel you on the heat. It's very hot to wear and I use chemical ice packs to help with that. The best way to deal with the heat on the helmets would be to build in vents to help circulate out the heat. It would actually work with the nature of the designs. </p>
<p>made it just in time. Used some of your model and added some of my flare. Thanks for a great foundation to work off of for all my transformers. gonna see if i can make some adjustments for a convention late april. maybe gonna try and make laserbeak</p>
<p>hey sir, so i am building a soundwave costume now and trying desperately to get it done in 2 weeks. Im using your tutorial as a template and will make some adjustments to give it a more personal feel. can you share with me how you mounted the shoulder canon please??</p>

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