This is where I do all my electronics stuff, whether it be (de)(re)soldering, looking at waveforms, studying, programming, or taking-apart.

Pretty much everything you see was, until not too long ago, packed onto a single desk in my room. But because of the lack of space, as well as the thought of what the solder fumes and lead dust are slowly doing to me while I sleep, I moved all my gear to this place.

More space, more light, bigger desks, and a painting on the wall that reminds me of my girlfriend.

About 50% of all my parts and hardware is scavenged, whether it be transistors, MOSFETs, diodes, rectifiers, wiring, LEDs, motors (lotsa motors), nuts, bolts, vacuum tubes, fuses, switches, chips, caps, resistors, fibre optics, connectors, speakers, ...., and so on.

Hope you enjoy!
Oh wow. I had no idea I'd won, until now. <br> <br>Thanks to all who voted and judged my workspace!
I've just about sliced off a thumb storing stuff in glass jars. Needless to say I don't do that very much anymore. I do still make lots of poly store bins out of sliced up gallon plastic jugs though.
I haven't learnt my lesson yet, though I might come back to you on that one in a few months - &quot;So Pfred, what do you reckon's the easiest way to cut up plastic jugs if you only have 8 fingers?&quot; :P
Scissors, but remember don't try to run with them!
Hmm If Im not mistaken, It looks like your testing some kind of SMPS...Hmmm Looks to be either a Flyback Or Single Switch Forward Converter stepping up to 120/220 for a light bulb :)
Yesyes. It is in fact a&nbsp;flyback step-down SMPS. 24-12V<br> On the scope&nbsp;is the pulse from the 555 that's firing it.

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