Picture of Personal Portable Spot Cooler
Here a smaller version of from my last version of air conditioner.
do check it out its really cool and TRENDY
haha its really portable all you need to do is charge and go.
because the ice stored in it will last and stay frozen with only a fraction of melting for hours! then just pop it out. and turn it on.Its really great and super portable anywhere everywhere.
So far this is the coolest! haha..
DONT underestimate this thing.. it produces up to 108CFMs under only 7.2v that will blow you down for 2 straight hours. that is 50mins for cool and rest for fan LOL. haha hope you guys will like this. thanks for the figure! you know who you are.

Step 1: Getting parts and CUTTING!

Picture of Getting parts and CUTTING!
Heres what you need,
styrofoam board,a firm container, any battery source(rechargeables..go green!)
a pc case fan some cardboard and some time.
First, insulate the container by having walls of the styrofoam at all sides. all you need is Cut here and there and finally place a thin layer of plastic to contain water and make it leak proof.
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NickS211 month ago

I made a rendition of all the different coolers here, I did use solar and a 5 gallon bucket but use dry ice, man it lasts a long time.

Nice project. I am going to try it.

So I made something similar after a buddy bought this thing called an IcyBreeze. It works the same way using ice and water. Anyway I wanted to make something for a third of the price, well as it turns out his IcyBreeze won. My DIY just didn't work as well. It was a "cool" (no pun intended) project, thanks for the instructable.

ssamat11 year ago

im sorry...got a quest...what is the purpose of doing step 4?

skhanna72 years ago
i like your idea. thanks for sharing this.
How to attach the fan to it? how to give it support?
Dipankar7 years ago
Very cool man, Why didn't I think of this before, but the name is misleading it is an air cooler and not an air conditioner.
anything which changes the state of the air whether that be temperature or humidity is conditining that air so i am sorry to say but it is an air CONDITIONER
farhanians (author)  Dipankar7 years ago
Ouh yah shure will rename it. hah btw im afraid that ppl will mistake for an air cooler. AIR COOLER . i think this is like more of a spot cooler.. spot air cooler heh but if you still find it as an air cooler, im okay
Yeh.....Personal spot cooler is more like it.
farhanians (author)  Dipankar7 years ago
yeah thanks! gonna rename it .. PERSONAL SPOT COOLER hahas thanks
Can you kindly show how is it wired, i mean the power from batteries , am really poor in electricity but i really love the innovation. I've tried to make one but the batteries is becoming increasingly hot as i switch on .
it sounds like you are shorting a battery or batteries which will overheat the batteries...
make sure you have all the positive+ terminals red wires hooked together

and all the negative- black wires hooked together

just connect up to the fan...  if the fan blows the wrong way
just reverse the wires to the fan....

You can place a switch in either wire...  just cut a wire and connect to a switch... so the power goes thru the switch....

I have a 1968 VW beetle without air con...
this looks like a sure way to keep it cool during the summer months...


LEE   VK2LEE   in Australia

Yay for HAMS!!!

terrilein4 years ago
I'm totally oblivious to the electronics aspect. Can someone please explain to/show me how the fan is attached to the batteries???
ashashank4 years ago
couldnt 1 simply use a cellphone charger to power the fan?
ashashank4 years ago
couldnt 1 simply use a cellphone charger to power the fan?
wingl5 years ago
This seems like a great project. A possibility is to wire it to power off a USB port. Any possibility to explain how this could be done?
yea thats easy just get an old usb cable and cut it open. I would test the wires to see which is the positive and negetive because i forget. the 3 volts from a usb cable would be enough to power it but it would not be very powerful.
jvan09075 years ago
Could it be wired to 5v eg usb 500 mah?
ducktape1005 years ago
what kind of box are you youing
doubles as a swamp cooler lol
icedude0075 years ago
Nice instructable (: I'm going to try this and power it with a usb port. Knowing your in singapore was helpful as it also gets very humid here in Hong Kong. Thanks man (:
marcusm735 years ago
how about adding salt to the ice water to drop the temp even more.
you know if you changed the innards up a bit it might work better. . . i would try this but i just don't have the time before i go on vacation. . . just take a food can (after using the food and washing the can out would probably be preferable) and drill some holes in it below the preferred ice level and put it directly below the fan and seal any gaps . . . .this would probably work better with just ice instead of ice water. . . i don't know if it would work but if anyone could find the time to try it it wouldn't hurt. . .
pc fans move alot of air at low pressure (opposite of an air compressor) the fan would not be able to push enough air under the water
endolith5 years ago
Put copper pipes in the ice water for the air to flow through, like a radiator
junits156 years ago
try putting some dry ice in it it will be alot cooler and last alot longer it is realy cheap if u know where to look!
soooooo... where do you look for cheap dry ice? Inquiring minds want to know.
well that really depends on where u live and your local laws ect. ANYWAY you have to try and find a local distributer near you because dry ice costs ALOT more when shipped, because you have to pay for the dry ice that subliminates while being shipped. (the ice that turns into a gas during shipping has to be paied extra for)and sometime gas dirstributers will sell it, because dry ice's only ingredient is co2. and usually the cost of dry ice is somewere between $1-2 per pound.
You should check local super markets, I used to work at one and they usually have it on hand in case of a power outage, to keep the frozen food from going bad. The one near me sells it for $1 per pound. If you do use dry ice, make sure you are in a well ventilated room. As junits15 said it's just co2, too much of it can cause oxygen to displace, which can lead to sickness or even suffocation. You should be OK with a window open and a fan blowing. Great Instructable by the way!!
HA! I only asked that question 8 months ago. But thanks for the answer nonetheless. I'm actually down with the supermarket dry ice. It was just the way junite15 said "it is realy cheap if u know where to look" that made me wonder if he knew of a source of dry ice I'd never think of. The supermarket is in fact where I get my dry ice. Thanks.
dont use dry ice in it if your using it in a car as you could suffocate
it wouldn't be THAT much CO2
Really? Thats good to know, what brand store it the one that you are talking about. So I would just ask someone behind the counter?
i seed it at grocereys storeses sometimeses........
checho51235 years ago
 Hey man one question, which method works better, using the radiator like u did in the big one or just using the cold air that the watter gives off?? i know the small one probably cools less because of the size but which method works better overall??
This is great.. I think i'm gonna use the freezable ice packs in the cooler instead of ice and water. When they thaw out, i'll just throw them back in the freezer and switch 'em with new ones.
Bridel5687 years ago
dude drop the 1.5v just use 2 or 3 9v`s they make rechargeable 1s but I don't know were to get them. but wow! the fan really has a kick. I got the tip of my finger in it(it really hurt) but thankfully it wasn't my whole finger. yes it maybe a 12v fan but I connected 2 new 9v`s and a used 9v and man does this cool you off it might make ur acp work better
farhanians (author)  Bridel5687 years ago
hahas. yah 9volts will do. but mines 7.2volts. hehes still having the kick!
lol but 2x9v= DISASTER 18volts hahs
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