Personal Portable Spot Cooler





Introduction: Personal Portable Spot Cooler

Here a smaller version of from my last version of air conditioner.
do check it out its really cool and TRENDY
haha its really portable all you need to do is charge and go.
because the ice stored in it will last and stay frozen with only a fraction of melting for hours! then just pop it out. and turn it on.Its really great and super portable anywhere everywhere.
So far this is the coolest! haha..
DONT underestimate this thing.. it produces up to 108CFMs under only 7.2v that will blow you down for 2 straight hours. that is 50mins for cool and rest for fan LOL. haha hope you guys will like this. thanks for the figure! you know who you are.

Step 1: Getting Parts and CUTTING!

Heres what you need,
styrofoam board,a firm container, any battery source(rechargeables..go green!)
a pc case fan some cardboard and some time.
First, insulate the container by having walls of the styrofoam at all sides. all you need is Cut here and there and finally place a thin layer of plastic to contain water and make it leak proof.

Step 2: Steps to Waterproof the Cooler

Place double sided tapes below and sides and use thin plastic or thick ones for your choice. and press down evenly.

then snugly fit the cooler into the container

Step 3: Making the Side Insulations

Here i will give yo utips on making the sides insulated and even below, i will not recommend you guys to use permanent markers to trace out the sapes. but instead use some thin opaque tape for markings as they are more straight and more well guided when cutting.
for shaping the sides, use a sand paper(abrasive) to make smooth edges.OMG CFCs!!!! im feeling sorry for that.

Step 4: Making the Lid for the Cooler

This part is a little tricky ya all, to me.. you will need to have a nicely fitting top part so taht it will store the ice for long, it really help to keep my ice last 30-50mins longer and really effective, thus i wanted to include this too

after making the lid, attach a string or ribbon to make a holder to pull out the cover.

Step 5: Making Holder for the Battery.

For this, i think its hard to get your batteries, i wouldnt want to use 12v car battery as they are huge and a hassle to handle due to its weight too. For me i use my rc 7.2v battery, for you guys you may want to use 6 1.5 volts rechargeble laying around your house. USE RECHARGEBLES! not disposibles, they SUCK!.. haha
for me i just use the leftove cardboard for to hold the battery.ive also wrapped the ugly wires with some covering.

Step 6: Mounting the Fan and Making the Vent Spot Vent

Using your skills , you shud able to make a vent as shown in the intro pict with the carboard.
then now mont the fan, make sure that the fan is BLOWING IN
In this part, i also have th wiring neat by using tape to cover the ugly black red wires, and also made a holder or a battery compartment for the batter stickpack to fit in to power up the fan.. wee!! 60cfms ! for a 12v powered by 7.2 volts, its not that bad.
the shape for the vent for it is pictured in the next step

Step 7: Your Own Personal Cooler !

You should end with something alke like this.

Step 8: Wee! Done

Now, pop some ice in, and turn it on.
and i think this is the most portable, compact smallest spot air conditioner HAH!. hopefully, now its still on my study table, replaced my old mini airconditioner with this which it better. i find the air out is really almost the same as in my 2nd version of a/c and really, this is ultra portable.! haha. next i think its gonna be at my class table as its hot .




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    im a quest...what is the purpose of doing step 4?

    possibly to preserve the ice when not in use.

    I'm curious, why do we have to insulate? I mean, if it "leaks" cold, it will also chill the room?

    well from what i can tell to its to protect the battery.

    I made a rendition of all the different coolers here, I did use solar and a 5 gallon bucket but use dry ice, man it lasts a long time.

    So I made something similar after a buddy bought this thing called an IcyBreeze. It works the same way using ice and water. Anyway I wanted to make something for a third of the price, well as it turns out his IcyBreeze won. My DIY just didn't work as well. It was a "cool" (no pun intended) project, thanks for the instructable.

    i like your idea. thanks for sharing this.

    How to attach the fan to it? how to give it support?

    Very cool man, Why didn't I think of this before, but the name is misleading it is an air cooler and not an air conditioner.