Step 7: WiFi Arduino Shield (i.e. Light Shield 7) - Intro

Picture of WiFi Arduino Shield (i.e. Light Shield 7) - Intro
The Light Shield 7 is an Arduino and Maple compatible shield which adds several featuers useful for a variety of applications, but also specifically for use with the Light Brick 5 which it is designed to be integrated with.
  1. High efficiency switching power supply to convert 24VDC to 7.5VDC for use by the Arduino or Maple board.
  2. 24VDC passthrough to a 5-pin header compatible with the Light Brick 5.
  3. 3.3VDC regulated voltage derived from Arduino/Maple power supplies for powering the Microchip MRF24WB0MB integrated WiFi Module.
  4. Open-source Firmware available for both Arduino and Maple based on the async_labs WiShield offering significant improvements to the stability of the UDP stack as well as integrating Open Sound Control (liblo) functionality for easily controlling any device over wifi.
  5. Passthrough connection from either the Arduino or the Maple PWM output pins to the inner three connectors on a 5-pin header along with 24VDC and GND. These pins can also be used as general IO, or for PWM output to other devices such as motor control systems.