Using Paper, Resin, and Fiberglass to be the Master Chief!

Be Master Chief for a day with your own handmade armor! Follow this tutorial to make fiberglass pieces, and you can be a Spartan II to pwn all your friends' costumes.

***********Work in progress. I have yet to finish the chest armor and all left arm/leg pieces.*************

This is my first Instructable, and my entry into the Instructables 2007 Halloween contest. Baseline cost is around 150 bucks for a full suit. Difficulty is moderate.

I've always wanted to make a stormtrooper's costume. But when I saw a homemade suit of Spartan armor straight out of a Halo deathmatch, I knew I just had to make my own. So I hit up google and found the amazing forums at . This is a guide to folding paper pieces(pepakura), resining, fiberglassing, and finishing them for paint, along with simple suggestions to complete them. I won't be covering the details for every piece of a suit, I will use simple pieces like the bicep as an example.
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Step 1: Tools, Supplies and Materials.

Picture of Tools, Supplies and Materials.
Obviously, if you're reading this instructable, you have a PC. Good to know, cause without one and a working printer you will go nowhere with this. The ground for this suit is printed paper, cut, folded and glued to produce 3D pieces. This is called Pepakura. I'll go over that in the next section but keep this in mind.

The one key part of this suit is Fiberglass and resin. lots of it. So far, I've used 5 quarts of resin, and 3 packs of fiberglass. That was enough to resin-coat all the pieces, and fiberglass the right arm, helmet, chest, crotch, and right leg. So I'm going to guesstimate on total quantity here(marked with * for unsure-ity). Note that this list includes only what you need for making the pieces. I'll get to other detail and accent pieces like the gold visor and such later in this instructable.

Dremel with cutting disc and sanding bit
Hot-glue gun with plenty of sticks

9 quarts of Bondo resin*(two gallons and a quart=70 bucks)
5 packs of Bondo fiberglass cloth(25 dollars)
Bondo Body Filler(not pictured)
about 200 sheets of 110 lb. press cardstock(not pictured)
"Medium Grit" Sandpaper
Primer for sanding aid(not pictured)
Some type of rubber gloves(disposables)
Container for mixed resin(i use the lid from the quart can, and line it with aluminum foil so I can use it again)
Measuring paraphernalia(teaspoons, tablespoons, etc. make sure you'll never need em for food again)
Facemask or respirator for working with resin/fiberglass/sanding
Tape and super glue
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AnthonyR728 days ago

im having serious issues with this. it seems the program wants to scale it down to fit it on my paper, but the only problem is it wants to print it out in landscape when if it just realized it could print it out in portrait it would be fine, but if i switch it to portrait it just screws everything up. is there a mode to just rotate everything including the pages or something so i dont have to spend an annoyingly long time fixing this manually since the program clearly isnt smart enough to realize it can just print it all sideways?

noodlecake1 month ago

Is there a way that I can export all of these as individual images? I have made a model and the pieces take up about four sheets. I need to send the files to my University printers because they have special paper but an image export puts all of your bits into one big file! And you're limited to a certain resolution too, so I can't export at 300 DPI and then manually copy the four quarters of the image into separate images for printing very easily.

JorgeA33 months ago

What do I do if the parts in the print preview are not whole? Please Help!

wesley.pipkin5 months ago

so i did this and it definitely made the prices smaller (i'm 6'3" so i used 78 inches. 78 / 86 = 0.906976... 0.906976 x 13.574948(the scale of the helmet) = 12.31216.... and my head is HUGE!!! i mean big. i wear a 7 and 5/8 inch hat easily.. any ideas how to measure JUST for helmet sizing purposes?


krule12 months ago

hi, i've bean working on my ODST armor for about a year now, i have it all folded and glued but i cant seem to find the epoxy and fiberglass for an affordable price do you know where i can get some? i live in vancouver wa,

OcarinaO krule6 months ago

if you got to homedepot you can get a quart of it for 15 dollars and the giberglass cloth for 6 dollars as well

jgderuvo7 years ago
Jake, great instructable. However, I'm a tad fuzzy on the scale issue. Where did you get the scale of each part? Sure wish you used the helmet as an example instead of the bicep! Thanks.
Jake Turner (author)  jgderuvo7 years ago
Quite simple. Check the reply to your comment on my orangeboard. :D but to summaraize: You get the scale of the current pepakura piece by going to "scale development up/down by specifying number", and noting the number in the bottom blank. Ok, so maybe to quote...
The links don't work can you fix them or get some new ones?
Hey Jake, I'm sort of clueless with this pepakura viewer mumbo-jumbo, and I don't even know if you'll answer this :b But where exactly do I find the "Scale development up/down by specifying number"? I can't seem to find it anywhere... I'm using the version 3.0.4 or something (the latest as of my posting date). Thanks mate!
djpouliot1 year ago
The links don't work. Is there another place to download these?
ian91141 year ago
whats the easiest way to fold the helmet, top to bottom or bottom to top?
ian91141 year ago
whats the easiest way to fold the helmet, top to bottom or bottom to top?
jhornbeck11 year ago
none of your jedifraz links are working.
Automobilie4 years ago
And this is where you install an airsoft FAMAS into the body and sell it for $$.
Im actually pretty sure the assault rifle from reach was loosely based off it.
either that or loosely off an FS 2000
yeah id say more off the FS 2000 it kinda looks like a mini assault rifle
the FAMAS kinda sorta looks like a smg kinda being the operative word
If you're willing to spend a few extra bucks, what I would have added is to apply a layer of Bondo body filler to help get rid of the larger imperfections. Then I would have primed it and sanded it down.
bino6 years ago
how do you get the guns besides going to 405th
RC-0720 bino5 years ago
erm... going to the Halo pep wiki? It is a really good site, and free. everything that you need, covie armor, UNSC armor, weaponry, even a Warthog for pep!
It is actually a Mongoose, I believe. Just saying.
nah. it is a warthog. the mongoose is just for ref pics for something... but you could be right... same general body structure...
The Mongoose is basically a Warthog, it just is meant as more of a recon vehicle, and is made for speed. It is a Warthog structurally, it just doesn't have a mounted turret or a windshield.
No, the mongoose is based off a modern racing 4 wheeler, like a polaris scrambler, while the warthog is more like a humvee.
way to necropost.

By three years.
well, if you look at it from that perspective, yes.
Nevermind... It is a Warthog.
Jake Turner (author)  bino6 years ago
You don't.
Well theres a few other sites to get the guns, I myself downloaded from a major Pepakura place and got the armor and a few guns and theres like 5 or 6 if not more types of armor including the Hayabusa armor ^_^ I could give ya a link if ya want
nenrikii bino4 years ago
just copy and paste what i posted :)
nenrikii bino4 years ago
marshon4 years ago
I liked this one, so I used it to make a simpler version for a body painting

Space Girl

Hope you like it
Jake Turner (author)  marshon4 years ago

recon marine cove weps and marine weps every thing can be found here stop asking for gods sake
I found everything for reach here:

it has weapons, character specific parts, and just about everything else
your right. THAT site awsome! not only do you get the best wepons you get the best armor and all types!!!!!!!
matstermind3 years ago
would you happen to still have the files? the links are down
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