Valentine's Day Flower Petal Embedded Heart Luminaries: A Perfect Gift

Picture of Valentine's Day Flower Petal Embedded Heart Luminaries: A Perfect Gift
This is my attempt to create a Valentine's Day candle on a heart shaped wax base with three flower petal embedded heart Luminaries and a Tea-light candle inside, all made in wax.
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Step 1: Necessary supplies

Picture of Necessary supplies
I was fortunate enough to find a heart-shaped bowl in the kitchen, which I will be using as a mold for the base and shells. A pouring can and a vessel to be used as a double boiler made up the necessary equipment.

Also, collected some fresh flower petals from the garden, which I will use to embed in the shells.

Then, the wax - here I used semi-refined paraffin wax for the base and the shells. No additives.

Step 2: The base

Picture of The base
The first step is to make the base

Melt the paraffin wax in a double boiler. Do not add any additives which will make the candle opaque. Though the plain wax looks like white, it is colorless and transparent.

The mold needs a releasing agent. You can use a Silicone spray, if available, otherwise applying a coat of coconut oil mixed with paint thinner will do the same and make it easier to take out the cooled wax cast from the mold.

Pour the melted wax in the mold and allow it to cool. Make relief holes and re-pour if required

Take out cooled wax base from the mold and keep aside.

Step 3: The Shells: Flower Petal Embedded Luminaries

Picture of The Shells: Flower Petal Embedded Luminaries
To make the shells:

Apply mold release in the mold.

Melt the wax in a Double Boiler, and pour a thin layer in the mold. You can rotate the molten wax in the mold. to form a thin layer of equal thickness.

Lay the flower petals over this thin layer. Press the petals lightly with your fingers to make them stick to the wax.

Pour molten wax over the flower petals and slowly rotate the mold with your hand to form a uniform layer completely covering  the petals. pour out the extra wax.

When the shell is cooled, take out from the mold. Make three numbers of these shells.
sunshiine2 years ago
What a clever idea!
antoniraj (author)  sunshiine2 years ago
thank you sunshine....
very beautiful...