Wifi Receiver Extender (W.R.E.)





Introduction: Wifi Receiver Extender (W.R.E.)

I will show you how to make a simple wifi receiver extender made from household items. I had problems getting a good wifi signal in our house so I thought of this. It help me it might help you!

Step 1: Meterials Needed

- Wifi Receiver
- USB  Extender
- Steamer Plate
- Laptop
- Tripod

Step 2: Make a Rectangular Hole

Make a rectangular hole using a knife. Be careful !

Step 3: Attach the Female Plug of the USB Extender to the Plate

Attach the plug to the plate. Gluing would make it firm and better.

Step 4: Connect the Wifi Receiver to the Female Plug

Connect the receiver to the female plug.

Step 5: Make a Hole for Your Tripod

Make a small hole for the tripod. Be sure to make it exact.

Step 6: Screw the Tripod

Screw the tripod on the hole you made.

Step 7: Done

You're done. Connect the male USB plug to the laptop / desktop.



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    So an external adapter is required. Explain more please. I have an DELL INSPIRON 2200 WITH INTERNAL WiFi

    that would work similarly, if you know some about computer simply take apart the laptop, add and plug in a mini PCI extension cable(get a relatively long one) feed the cable out of the laptop so you can put back on the panel and one end of the cable is sticking out. then use the mini pci the same way it says with the usb. (i know you asked this a long time ago, i just saw yur answer and wanted to help. you can also do the same thing with the wifi router itself

    What I know and read about this project that this creates a parabolic reflector meaning it collects the radiowaves in a larger span and directly reflects it on the reciever. ^^

    Mine has a built-in wifi and we have wifi in our house. but i like to get signal from my friends house (across the street) because they have a faster broadband speed and they agreed to it,so the trouble i am having now is that how can i get a stronger signal of theirs.

    Very, very interesting, congrats. I have an laptop Acer ASPIRE 4315 (this that I use now) with wifi, but the wifi is transparent for me. I start it and the router, and it connect to the web automatically. Can I use your invention? How? Forgive my ignorance...

    You need to use an external USB WifFi adapter. Your laptop comes with an internal WiFi adapter, but for the directional aspect, you need either an external antenna or WiFi adapter. I've not seen a laptop with a connection for an external antenna.

    Thanks, I did imagine something so. As I use always the laptop the same way, never I needed an external wifi.

    Luckily he's provided instructions on how to make your own, how convenient!

    Where can I get that type of tripod ?

    is there a way too user this for a ps4. I live in the boonies and leach from my aunt.