I have been making all of my own cleaning supplies. I needed a windshield de-icer and found these recipes. Making your own is much more economical and it will ease the task of removing ice from the windshield. Recipes include: a de-icer, ice and frost preventive spray, and a recipe to keep the lines free from ice. The bottles are simulated to show pictures of the different products. I am not an expert, doctor, chemist, or a professional in any occupation. I share here how I interpret it to the best of my knowledge. Use these applications at your own risk and own choice. Keep all products out of the reach of anyone or anything that could be at risk of injury.

Step 1: Ingredients For Ice And Frost Prevention

What you will need:
  • 3 parts white vinegar
  • 1 part water
Please note: Here is the link where I found the recipe: http://www.howcast.com/videos/417396-How-to-DeIce-Your-Cars-Windshield
I added the food coloring to the water to help distinguish the different products for picture purposes only. To be completely safe consult a professional before trying this recipe.
can't wait to give these homemade, chemical-free and Eco-friendly solutions a go. just ordered all my supplies. northeast, bring it on...
<p>These are not chemical free. The only chemical free method I am aware of is heat.</p>
<p>Also, you could get an old blanket or large enough piece of plastic and put it over your front wind shield, fastening it inside your side windows.</p>
<p>yes!!! used to do this all the time! would put a flattened cardboard box inside the plastic cuz ice n snow tend to get heavy...put it under ur wipers...ta da! they're not stuck...and lastly the plastic goes in the DOOR while its open...shut it to hold the plastic while preventing the door from freezing n sticking!!!!! GENIUS!!!!! worked every time...also pouring any carbonated beverage (room temp is what i did) makes ice in a glass pop and break, so I will give you one guess what it does around your car door and on the windshield!!!!</p>
<p>be sure to put money aside for a new fluid pump and possible hoses from the reservoir</p>
<p>vinegar is absolutely a chemical! it's acetic acid, having the formula CH3COOH.</p>
Thanks for stopping by have a Happy New Year!
<p>Windshield washer fluid is cheaper than buying these ingredients. And it won't damage your car.</p>
<p style="margin-left: 20.0px;">How will isopropyl alcohol damage your car? It evaporates, and besides good old H20, it's the main ingredient in most de-icers, fuel line additives anyway. I'll take that over ethanol (neurotoxin, anyone?) any day.</p>
<p>Be aware that these solutions are intended to be sprayed on using a spray bottle under specific conditions, not put into the washer fluid retainer in the car. If you put the vinegar solution into the retainer in the car then you might corrode metal parts in the system. It seems as if a few responders were assuming that the solutions were intended to replace windshield washer solutions. I live in the frozen north and will try the de-icer the next time ice is predicted. It is tough to scrape.</p>
<p>Wonder if you could use the ice preventer on frost in a deep freeze ?</p>
I could not say but it might be worth a try! Thanks for sharing.<br>sunshiine~
Vinegar doesn't corrode or they wouldn't recommend it for cleaning coffee pots like the Kuerig. I think alcohol is in cold weather windsheild washer fluid. These are perfectly good recipes for this application!
<p>Vinegar doesn't sit in your coffee pot long enough to corrode a hole in the machine. </p><p>It is corroding the minerals out of the pot. Put a rusty screw or metal in vinegar and see how fast the rust comes off.</p>
<p>I think you can buy a whole gallon of windshield washer with an antifreeze in it from the Dollar Tree for a dollar. You can't get much cheaper than that.</p>
It doesn't work. It won't put your windows, but it can eat through your paint.
<p>Skip this one, Vinigar is an acid and is very corrosive.</p>
<p>it's certainly not gonna corrode class!</p>
<p>it will certainly corrode all the unpainted metal and electrical inside the door and even worse the unprotected aluminum a/c evaporator when it sucks it threw the fresh air inlet in frount of the windshield.</p>
<p>To all who suggest pouring warm or hot water on a windshield to clear the frost/ice I must warn you that you are flirting with damaging the glass. If there is even a tiny chip in the glass, the temperature difference could be enough to cause the glass to crack, especially at the colder temperatures.</p><p>To those concerned with using alcohol near the engine, all winter formulations of wiper fluid contain some form of alcohol to lower the temperature at which water freezes. When mixed with water common alcohol doesn't ignite very well.</p><p>To those that don't consider vinegar corrosive, may I remind you that table vinegar is acetic acid 5% by volume and all acids are corrosive in some manner. The difference between a coffee maker and the windshield wiper pump is that the vinegar solution will remain in contact with the windshield pump parts for extended periods of time whereas the coffee maker is rinsed after descaling; It is a matter of acidic concentration and exposure time.</p><p>To the author, good work; keep experimenting!</p>
<p>Forgive my ignorance but what is 1 part 2 parts is that cups? </p>
<p>It could be any amount for example 1 cup(part) of water and 2 cups(parts) of alcohol or 1 gallon of water and 2 gallons of alcohol</p>
<p>I like the idea of the hot water w. tad of vinegar so it's not so smelly.</p>
Windshield De-Icer/ And Ice Prevention Spray--This worked just Great this morning-Amazed my new teen drivers. But I did get one large complant in useing this. The after odor from the Vinegar of which I agreed with them. Now I did not use a spray bottle. Instead I use a large dish washing detergent empty bottle for this mixture. works just great and nothing to clog with ice. <br>Now my question for someone to answer is---How to reduce the Vinegar odor that lingers all Day? <br>Stay Warm! <br>F350red
i have used vinegar and baking soda to clear drains and it works awesome for de-icing I have been using P-49 check out my website www.thebesticemelter.com also take a hand full and spread it on my windsheild
Careful with the vinegar for your auto windshield washer fuild. The acidity will corrode the small metal parts of the pump resulting in pump failure.
It will also strip the wax off your paint.
Thank you mister.k for sharing this information! <br>Have a super day! <br>sunshiine
I usually just get a bucket of luke warm water and pour that over my windscreen in the morning
That works great also! Thanks for sharing! Have a splendorous day! <br>Sunshiine
I would be concerned about putting anything w/alcohol into anything that stays that close to my engine. But the other ideas? Awesome! Thanks for sharing! :D
Before the invention of propylene glycol for use as coolant/anti-freeze, alcohol was the norm in engine cooling systems. Its major flaw was that it evaporated and left the system as a vapor requiring constant replenishing. 70% isopropyl alcohol blended 50/50 with other diluting ingredients makes it 35% by volume, which will not ignite very easily and is non combustible. Using the above mentioned mixture should prove perfectly safe under normal operating conditions. If the gasoline (petrol) isn't spontaneously igniting within its sealed system, neither will blended/diluted isopropyl alcohol. If it were by chance to leak, the alcohol evaporates rapidly, rendering the dilute non-flammable. Common off hte shelf de-icing products marketed for use in automotive applications contain various amounts of alcohol, including but not limited to fuel line anti-freeze.
Alcohol is pretty hard to ignite directly
Thanks for adding your comment!<br>Sunshiine
most windshield washer fluids are made with alcohol and they are perfectly safe
Thanks for sharing your thoughts skam1. Have a nice day! sunshiine
Erm,What? and not at all concerned about PETROL petrol being close to your Engine ??
Petrol goes in a place MADE for explosive liquid. :)
India! Cool!
I wondered about that myself but I have seen several recipes calling for this so maybe someone who has knowledge about this can address this. I will make a note about this somewhere. Thanks so much for commenting. Sunshiine
I feel a little sad for anyone who needs this 5 Star idea! ;-)
Thanks blue! Have a super day!<br>Sunshiine
Thanks for posting this!! I'll be using it this winter. What about a similar solution for sidewalks? Kind of like what the city uses on our streets before a snow storm? I checked out one option but it was pretty involved. Do you have any suggestions?? Thanks!@!!
I don't live where the snow falls much to try it out! What if you used some sort of salt? Not sure if salt is bad for the environment though. If I can find something I will post it here. You have me thinking! Thanks for sharing!<br>Sunshiine
I'm definitely going to try this this year!
Thanks for sharing! Have a Happy Thanksgiving! Sunshiine
Thanks for posting this! I absolutely loathe scraping windshields... and it's that time of year. I once used my dad's vermouth to de-ice when the stuff in the pressure can ran out. This is WAY cheaper! :D
I am happy to share, and glad you appreciated my Instructables. Thanks for commenting and do have a happy fall! Sunshiine
Great project! This will be useful as the snowy season rolls around.
Oh yes, I am try to think of more thing for winter so I can share here. Thanks for commenting and don't work too hard! But Have tons of fun! Sunshiine

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