money clip made with a fork...

Step 1: All Steps Are Here...

if you have an old fork that can make it to a clip...
<p>How do you cut the fork?</p>
Ahhh a 100 RMB bill! So I guess you are from the PRC. The new European 10 Euro bill looks like the RMB 100 RMB. I just come back from vacation in Baoting / Hainan and see at home the new 10&euro; bill...
<p>I can see<em> roughly</em> how you did that, but we could still do with it breaking down into a few more steps - it would be good to get your tips on what tools to use for each step (cutting, de-burring etc).</p><p>The end product looks very cool, though.</p>
+1.<br>Cool outcome though
<p>agreed as well</p>
<p>Nice steel kitty!</p>

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