I saw a bunch of these hanging together in a restaurant (Straw) by my house and decided to try and make one. I took the easy route and got the pre-assembled light socket and cord from ikea for pretty cheap. If you can't get to an ikea you can definitely take a trip to the hardware store and assemble the light socket yourself. 

I've been a long-time instructable consumer, but this is my first time creating one so go easy on me please! Oh also, if hanging fixtures aren't your thing there are a bunch of other cool jar light 'ibles like this one .

Step 1: Tools & Materials

big jar - i used a bell mason jar from the hardware store $13 for 12 jars so... ~$1 per jar
pre-assembled light socket and cord - i used the "hemma" from ikea - $6.99
light bulb that fits through in the jar

some sort of cutting implement. I ended up using an exacto knife, but i'm sure there are better ways
They are selling this lamp at Pottery Barn for $399
Very cool, I will be making a few pendents like this along with a a chandelier for over my dining room table. I would add a few drilled vents on the top.
Care should be used, if too hot a bulb is used the glass jar could break if used in the rain. <br>Other than that, nice work.
pretty cool

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