Jar Lamp

This instructive will shows how to make a jar lamp. It's my first one so go easy and any comments will be appreciated. I have heard of these being described as "Mason Jars" however this is not one. I have plenty of mason jars and none are big enough to house the type of batten lamp holders that are available in Australia. But I did find this large jar with a screw cap that I decided to make into a lamp.

Step 1: Tools and Materials

Large glass jar with screw lid
Square piece of wood for base
Batten Lampholder (I used Arlec brand)
3 pin plug, 2 pin would be fine but you can't buy them in Australia (at least not from Bunnings)
Length of 2-core cable (use stuff designed for 240v)
Spray Paint
2 wood screws (approx 25mm long)
Light bulb (low wattage or coloured)

Drill + Bits
Circular/hand Saw

Dremel/plunge router

Step 2: Cut Base

I cut this base from scrap and just made sure it was square. This is where the circular saw comes in to make your life easy yet dangerous.

Once cut, find the centre by drawing diagonal lines from the corners. Drill a 5mm hole all the way through.

Step 3: Rout Base for Cable

Turn the base over. Now you need to make a slot for the cable to exit.

1. If you have a Dremel (as I do) carve out the channel using your favorite method. I used the straight edge attachment and the multipurpose cutting bit. I started with the tool in the middle and cut a straight line to to edge. Be sure to clamp the base down when you are working on it. Other options include cutting the slot freehand with a high speed cutter or using the plunge router attachment. Maybe even using a chisel if you want to go old school.

Step 4: Prepare Lid

Place your batten lampholder inside the jar lid and make holes where the screws will go.

Drill a 5mm hole in the middle and 2mm holes where you marked before.

Step 5: Paint

Finish and paint the base and lampholder. I wasn't going for a neat look, so I just sprayed it gloss black. But go nuts here people, really, anything is possible.

Step 6: Wire It Up

First the disclaimer.
As is printed on the packets of all 240v stuff, you must be a licensed electrician to wire work with mains power.

Now lets get to work.

Split the 2-core wire apart for about 14mm.

Strip 5mm of insulation from the ends.

Insert the copper part of the wire into the two side (unmarked) terminals on the lamp holder.

Tighten screws.

There are labels on the pics for more info.

Step 7: Assemble

Re-assemble the batten lampholder.
Sandwich the jar lid between it and the base.
Thread the cable through the centre hole and out the routed channel.
Screw the lampholder into the base.

Wire up the other end of the cable to the 240v plug and you're done.



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