Red alert, arm photon torpedoes, yes, you can command anything from the seat of your mundane office cubicle by modding your chair to be Captain KirK's command chair from the bridge of the Enterprise. Make a cardboard skin to accessorize your chair. The best part is that you can easily remove it to engage it's cloaking shield so that the boss doesn't see.

For those that want the command chair from a Klingon Bird of Prey, get a life. 1

This instructable is for anyone that dreams of being a starship captain one day, to boldy go where no cardboard has gone before. Aptly named for the Lord of Cardstock, Instructables member gmjhowe. Tweak his shields if you want to ask him about time travel.

1 Only kidding, words from the evil Captain Kirk from episode 37, "The Enemy Within". It's not like anyone wants to make the cockpit chair of the Millenium Falcon. Really.

Please make a log entry below, a channel is open on the subspace standard hailing frequency.

Step 1: Aye, You Need Stuff...

Okay, I am stuck here on Rigel VII for the summer, really me mum's house, so I had to scavenge some things to make this instructable. I did not have access to to my usual spiffy designer materials so I made this with minimal materials on hand. I even had to raid Caitlin's art supplies to color this thing in.


Dilithium Crystals - not really needed here but find some to build the ship.
Lithium Rain - not really needed here either but will be around whether you like it or not.

Your old dusty office chair. Hopefully it has a set of armrests. If not, barge into your boss's office and demand to get armrests on your chair and while you are at it, ask for a raise.

Don't worry too much if it is not black leather or is a high-back chair. Once you sit in the finished chair you can stun all the non-believers. The real office chair that the original Captain's chair is modeled after is no longer made and is sought after on Ebay.

more cardboard or cardstock for details
glue, lots of glue

utility knife or big scissors to cut and shape cardboard

stuff to decorate your command console:
magic markers
construction paper

helpful if you have them for decorations:
label maker
LEDs and old-time retro rocker switches
a few floppy disks for memory chip props

Due to time constraints, and inability to go warp 10 to time travel, this version is not electrified for lights and sounds. There is plenty of room to add in these components such as real buttons to activate sound chips and lights. Even hook this up to your house intercom system to talk to Engineering or make a ship-wide announcement.
<p>Red Alert, Charge the phaser banks</p>
I love this creative, fun Instructable! It made me feel kind of like a kid again while reading it. Your laid-back style, &quot;I'm going to create this using what I have(simple tools, misc household materials, etc)&quot; attitude, and sense of humor are inspiring. Maybe your next project should be a Star Trek float for next year's Trekfest in Riverside, Ia! :)
<p>Thanks, just click on my username to get to a list of all my projects. You might find some other interesting things. Welcome to Instructables.</p>
<p>Transforming my dad's old office chair to this. Should i do it for his birthday....</p>
<p>Do it! Do it! If not, there is always this <a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/Star-Trek-USS-Enterprise-Phaser-Red-Shirt/" rel="nofollow">https://www.instructables.com/id/Star-Trek-USS-Ente...</a></p>
I just found this, its wicked, I can just see my bro sitting in it, one hand on his chin, looking as thoughtful as he can manage, it really is awesome, :) x
Aye, Then the young lad should be outfitted for <a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/Star-Trek-USS-Enterprise-Phaser-Red-Shirt/" rel="nofollow">a red shirt.</a>
I would have my self one of those, red is best, not to mention how cool it is :) but alas in our house my children follow star wars, but I am sure gmjhowe will try at some point to educate his neice and nephew in the ways of star trek, I proffer star trek my self, but time will tell on that battle, :)
wow if i added a leather chaiar did it in sheet metal it be coole but nice for cardboard
steampunk star trek?
star trex card board isnt sturday hey a cap-tin kirk seampunk would be coool
klingons are on the starbord bow
Red Alert!
Battle Stations.<br />
Banhammers on stun, Mister. And be careful of using ad hominems lest you be reduced to a cubeoctahedron of 17 essential vitamins and minerals.<br />
No flaming, cuz I won't hesitate for one second to throw you into The Brig.<br />
You people are having too much fun with this.
<em>Scrape 'em off Jim! </em><strong>;D</strong><em><br /> <br /> -</em> Dr. Demento 25th anv. cd the firm<br /> on you tube there is a video of them singing this song under Star Trekin'- the firm
beep boop beep
Well Done!
Ok. I think I'll talk to work about Halloween. I'll dress up like Capaint Kirk, and get some of the other people in my section to dress as various characters as well. Would be a hoot. "Ohura! I think the aliens are trying to communicate, put it through the translator!"
Grammar/Trek Nazi: It's spelled &quot;Uhura&quot;.<br />
It would be great for this year's Halloween contest in some way. Good luck.
weak i want one that is made out of wood or metal, and has real buttons. and isnt kurks chair a lowback lether chair? if you wanted to do picards chair from TNG you could take a 1990 somthin ford tunderbird front seat and add those armrests and a swivel base and you would be allmost there
Sorry, but the replicator seems to be malfunctioning...<br/><br/>If you care to carefully read the text, the premise of this project was to take any ordinary office chair, doesn't matter what type, shape, or form, and add appendages to make it similar to the original Captain Kirk's chair. Yes, the original was based on a 1960's &quot;Madison&quot; lowback leather fixed chair no longer in production. <br/><br/>If you have any understanding of &quot;art&quot;, I am capable of building a scale replica of the chair including the entire bridge if needed so I will temper your comment and issue <strong>you</strong> the challenge to build one and show us.<br/>
Oh, KIRK, James Tiberius Kirk, FTW!
well,james SR did not want tiberius on his son's name :P<br />
Only in a terrible alternate reality...<br />
&nbsp;i got a chair that will work well from a collage surplus shop&nbsp;
THIS...IS...AWESOME!<br /> <br /> Someone with some tech skills could certainly integrate the tv remote into a wooden one :) or simple wasd and a keypad or something .<br />
&nbsp;Nice idea! &nbsp;I would have really gone to town, gutted some old electronics, and gizmo-ed the heck out of those arms, but you include the&nbsp;necessary functions...:)<br /> <br /> Excellent work!&nbsp;
but Kirk's chair is black leather!!...<br /> <br /> Nice work-just like the original props, built form garbage, I may have to do this with my chair, only, interface it with my computer, throw in some real buttons and switches.<br />
It looks like a printer =]<br />lol!<br />
Win :D
Good idea, however, on closer inspection, the buttons and switches look like... Well... Sliver gumdrops... Other than that, great Instructable! Maybe you should try to get some real switches and buttons and try to find some floppies (Zip Disks would do in a pinch.)
hmm, I suppose you could make the instrument panels entirely out of candy, carved up gummy bears, licorice, mints, etc. It would make an ultimate snack/couch potato chair though.
BRILLIANT! A gingerbread Captain's Chair!
Ha. I'm hungry : (
Wow. Cardboard, swivel chair - you're giving me ideas.... L
I don't think one can make one to fit the <em>royal throne</em>.<br/>
You want me to prove that wrong?! L
We need to clarify which "royal throne" we are talking about...
OK then - you mentioned it - what <em>are</em> we talking about?<br/><br/>L<br/>
Here across the pond, the "royal throne" means the best seat in the house, the toilet, where you are king or queen of all you survey.
Yes it means the same to me. Project on the shelf to be picked up at some point. I've got a printing calculator, I like the idea of turning that into a TP dispenser... L
This idea amuses me. Especially so if you do make Captain Kirk's chair as part of the toilet. Would you update with comments about your "captain's log"? I really couldn't help asking this, so please forgive me. ;)
Look, there seems to be a wormhole that appears periodically to engulf matter and anti-matter...
*BOOM* captains log:The wormhole that we harnessed as a "toilet" device seems to backfire with antimatter.My rear burns.
HAH! Both hilarious. One would hope that backfiring would never occur. Poor bottom.
:O<br/><br/>That's <em>awesome</em>! I think I have to make this.<br/><br/><sub>And you're right, you're stuck with me whether or not you like it. :D</sub><br/>

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