IPhone Tripod Mount on the Cheap





Introduction: IPhone Tripod Mount on the Cheap

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This instructable will take you through the steps to create a simple way to mount your iPhone securely to your tripod for less $5 bucks. The best part about the clamp style mount, is that it will work with any kind of smart phones, and even works if you have a case on your phone.

What you Need:
Cheap plastic clamp ($1.00 walmart)
1/4 Coupling Nut ($1.50 Lowes or Home Depot)
1/4 bolt longer than your clamp is wide ($.30 Lowes or Home Depot)
about 10 mins

Keep in mind the entire video above was shot with this setup. 

Step 1: Remove Original Bolt From Clamp

Take out the original bolt from the clamp. Take note of where the bolt travel through the spring, and be careful not to lose the spring once the bolt is removed. 

Step 2: Screw in New 1/4 Bolt

Screw in the new 1/4 bolt into the existing hole, be sure the bolt travels through the spring and then out the other side of the clamp. 

Step 3: Coupling

One the bolt is all the way through screw the coupling nut on tightly, but make sure the clamp can still open and close freely. Now you just need to mount it onto your standard tripod threads.

Optional: Add foam to plastic gripers on clamp this will help hold the phone more securely and prevent scratches. 

Step 4: Optional: Add Foam

Optional: Add foam to plastic gripers on clamp this will help hold the phone more securely and prevent scratches. 



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    15 Discussions

    Freaking genius!!! I been looking for something like this for years!!!

    That's just ridiculous! (ridiculously good!!). I've seen alot of tutorials on Iphone/cellphone camera mounts, and this one has got to be the best and easiest one I've ever seen!! Great work!

    Hi Joe
    i LOVE this idea!! whereabouts (in which dept) in Walmart did you find the clamp? i've spent AGES tonight wandering around my local one and found lots of clips but not this clamp. you will save me the cost of a video camera ;-) Thanks so much!

    1 reply

    hardware dept of a walmart or at home depot of lowes in the clamps section. Sometimes you can find them on end caps.

    So I made one last night. Everything went pretty good except I overtightened the screw a bit and cracked the plastic slightly. It's mostly a cosmetic thing though. It's still really sturdy.

    Thanks again.

    I never have a project go perfect. It's part of the fun, glad you liked the project and are out there making things happen!

    My only fear is using this type of clamp is that it will exert too much pressure on the glass screen and break it. Have you had any issues with that?

    1 reply

    Because the presure is spread across a large surface it don't think there is any risk. So far i've had no problems