Multifunction RGB LED Controller Using PIC12F675


Introduction: Multifunction RGB LED Controller Using PIC12F675

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multifunction RGB LED controller using low cost PIC12F675 microcontroller.

1, 4+1 mode operation a single potentiometer and single button switch used for multiple operation
2, EEPROM Memory option for mode selection :- the last mode will be saved.

3, mode1 automatic hue saturation RGB LED light color pattern - potentiometer is using for vary the color changing speed.
4, mode2 Manually select a color from hue saturation color chart using pot.
5, mode3 Temperature Indicator blue color represent low temperature and red color for high temperature
6, mode4 White light potentiometer used for vary light brightness
7, mode5 OFF potentiometer operation is disabled

Step 1: Circuit Diagram

Step 2: Components List

components list

1, PIC12F675 and 8 pin base
2, BD139 - 3
3,1uf capacitor
4, 330E - 3
5, 470E 1
6 Green LED -1
7, 10K POT
8, berg strip female 1
9, berg strip female 1
10,RGB LED strip
11,button switch
12,DC jack
13, LM35 temperature sensor

Step 3: RGB Strip Connection

Step 4: Vero Board Assembling

Step 5: Finished Board

Step 6: PIC12F675 Programming

IDE: Mplab
compiler hitech-c compiler
Programmer topwin 2007

Step 7: Prototype Pictures

Step 8: RGB LED Controller

Step 9: Mode 1 : Automatic

Step 10: Mode 2: Manual

Step 11: Mode 3: Temperature Indicator

Step 12: Mode 4: White Light

Step 13: Source Code

PIC12F675 configuration settings:

hitech c configuration word:

Osc Selection : internal RC Oscillator [it saves 2 GPIO pins ]
Watch dog timer : off
Reset option : Reset pin internally connected to Vdd [it saves 1 GPIO pin]
Code Protection : off



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    Hi there,

    I am trying to build something that would implement a similar usage of an rgb LED strip and would love to join the many people that have already commented in receiving the code! Please could you send it to me ?

    Many thanks and great tutorial!

    the project is quite interesting, could you kindly share the "mikro c" code plz my e- mail :

    plz sir, thank u

    I am looking to build this for an undercabinet lighting system. I would like to ad a mode could you please send me the C code.

    Hi sir,

    the project is quite interesting, could you kindly share the code pl.



    I am working on some similar project, may i recieve the C code? Thanks!

    Hi Justin, I am starting a computer engineering course at my school and would like to try building this. I have everything already except the LED strip, but that is easy to come by. Can you also if possible send me the programming (PICBasic or even in a text file) so that I can get my students to perhaps just program one sequence? This is VERY COOL!!!

    Hey! I was asked to do a simple pic project for school and this is great, but I have to understand and explain how the code works and I see you only posted the .hex file, could I get the original code please to You'd help me out a lot!

    Also, do you think something similar could be done to drive an RGBA luxeon-like LED?

    Hey im really intrested in tihis project. however i want to do it with a pic16f877a. so can u give me the code if u can?

    thank you in advance =D

    Hey. I am working on some similar project, may i recieve the C code? Thanks!

    Hello, nice job. Could you please share the code and not just the hex file. I want to try something similar and would greatly appreciate your help.

    Thanks in advance.

    Hello, great project. Please could u share ur code. Thanks.

    Hello, the project looks great, could send the hex code. please and thank you for sharing blissful project.

    this is my email: :)

    Hello, Could you please send the code looks like a nice application and like to try it.Thanks,

    Hello, can you send the code for me ? Tanks :D


    Hello, can you send the code for me ?
    Tanks :3 !

    tanks again !

    Hello, can you send the code for me ? Tanks

    can this code be put on a pic 16f627-04/p chip? it has 8 legs but im sure I could put it in the circuit if the code would work.