(*) Me refiero a Mi torno HSE

Luego de hacer el variador de velocidad, vino la cuestión de ponerlo a funcionar. No tenía sentido seguir usando el chasis anterior del torno, que era demasiado corto y además proveía una plataforma elevada para el motor, dado que la pieza a tornear iba directamente en el eje del mismo. Al cambiar la altura del eje del torno, también debería cambiar el soporte de la herramienta.

(*) I refer to My KISS lathe

After making the speed controller, came the question to put it to work. It made no sense to continue using the previous lathe chassis, which was too short and also provided a raised platform for the engine, as the piece to be turned was directly on the shaft. By changing the height of the axis of the lathe, I should also change the tool holder.

Step 1: Chasis (chassis)

Compré dos trozos de 1m de hierro ángulo, los alineé a los lados del motor y los uní transversalmente por los extremos con dos varillas planas soldadas. Luego ubiqué los cuatro tornillos que sujetarían el motor, y también los soldé en sus lugares. Finalmente agregué cuatro tacos de goma para que absorban las vibraciones. Usé los mismos que tenía el chasis anterior. Atornillé el motor en su lugar.

I bought two pieces of 1m of angle iron, I lined them to the sides of the motor and attached across the ends with two flat bars welded. Then I placed the four screws that would subject the engine, and also soldered in place. Finally I added four rubber pads to absorb vibrations. I used the same as had the previous frame. Screw the motor in place.
I have to get back to my lathe project. It works now but I have many ideas to improve it.<br> <br> Making a new pulley for it so I can use a bigger spindle:<br> <br> <a href="http://i.imgur.com/M3x9o.jpg">http://i.imgur.com/M3x9o.jpg</a><br> <br> Wider angle earlier on:<br> <br> <a href="http://i.imgur.com/PhlgC.jpg">http://i.imgur.com/PhlgC.jpg</a><br> <br> It was very hard for me to get threads concentric to the spindle, you can see two failures in the foreground of the picture. My chuck runs pretty straight now though.<br>
Nice lathe. <br><br>Last week I replaced the upper cone of the drive controller on mine. I put a larger diameter one, which managed to reduce the shaft speed while it varies.
Thanks. It is a work in progress. It has taken me months to get it to how it is now. For me to continue I am going to need to get some more tools though. Like a tapered reamer.

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