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sensordealers4 months ago

i am planning to make proximity sensors can any body help me assemble the same pl

Hi ! My name is Alain, I'm 67 years old and living in Paris.

My hobbies are mainly Photografy and Video and my "target" is to built an automatic slider for panoramics. I rode you instructable which is very interesting but as my english and approch for electronic are very poor I'm lost.

I found 3 motors stepper in an old printer : 1 with 2 wires and the 2 others with 5.

What are the cards I need to make 1 or 2 of them turning. My goal is make the camera support go on and back, stop, etc ... I found so many different instructions or not totaly clear for me that I don't know which to adapte.

I would really appreciate your help in this matter.

Thanks you in advance and best regards.


my personnal email : alan.co@free.fr

Aleator777 (author)  alain.cohen.5896 months ago

Hi Alain,

It's hard to say without seeing them, but it sounds like you've got one regular DC motor and two stepper motors. For motor control I use Pololu.com. They sell stepper motor and regular motor drivers (the right cards) that are very well documented!

mickeylds7 months ago

im seeing this now-- why cant you sell em? as an art peice? i dont think theres any copyright issue with an obvious novelty

dt4art10 months ago

Happy New Year! Thank you for following me :)


sorry i ment to say cool

sorry meant not ment