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wilzzonb1 month ago

greetings friend

first let me congratulate you on project development Homebuilt CNC DIY (DIY) CNC router - based Arduino (GRBL)

I would like your help in a consultation, I am to develop the project Nema motors but possess 3 17 1.8 * per spin. that handle a current of 0.9A and a torque of 3.3 kg / cm and I use pololu A4988 drivers

and those recommended in the project are to 2.5A and a torque of 4.8kg / cm, my question is:

¿I can use my engines with dimensions and weight of the extructura or would have to make a change?

I have seen that this type of motors are used for similar structures

blumagnum8 months ago

One of the ways to improve the accuracy of your motion is to map out your movement so that your +x and your -x are about the same total displacement. Same thing with the +y and - y.