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Nov. 18, 2008
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  • Deathstick commented on tobychui's instructable Ultra Low Cost 3D Scanner4 months ago
    Ultra Low Cost 3D Scanner

    David laser scanner software, a $5 laser level and a cheap Web cam will get you here cheaper, faster and with less complications.

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  • How to Add an Air Receiver Tank for More Compressor Capacity

    You can add 50 tanks together. Will they ever fill before the motor melts down, unlikely. I would say the most you'd want to add is 20-25% more capacity. If you have an oiless pump then stay on the very conservative side, like 10-15%. These things get real hot WITHOUT running over their duty cycle. Adding a fan may get some additional life out of the unit. What you should expect to gain is volume. You may be able to actually start an impact or like tool, but to get a usable amount of air you need a considerable size tank. You start with a 5-20 gal, you need to get to 60+. Best to not get your hopes up on these tools. If you wanna paint something, using a HVLP Harbor Freight touch-up gun may get you started. Good luck. I tired of such endeavors last year, quit fighting the small 26gal and bought a real compressor, a 80gal IR 2-stage, 220v and have never looked back. Every time I use it it makes me tear up a little, thinking about all the struggles I had with the 26gal. Being able to use air polishers, drills, and sanders that had been stuck in a drawer was an eye opener. There is no substitute for duty cycle+volume!

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