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Oct. 21, 2009
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  • $ 5 mallet OR How to make a leather handle

    I think you're doing just fine with English.Halten Sie sich die gute Arbeit, Freund! (Hope Google Translate handled that well...)

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  • Dr. dB commented on wold630's instructable Swedish Fire Torch6 days ago
    Swedish Fire Torch

    "...kids were having too much fun playing in the fire...not recommended!", but inevitable. Especially the BIG kids... (...like me!)

    Finnish?!I haven't even started, yet!{;-{)}(...grin & wink from guy with beard and mustache...)

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  • Dr. dB commented on wold630's instructable Creepy Chocolate Chip Cookies1 week ago
    Creepy Chocolate Chip Cookies

    ...and, if you get them wet after midnight, do they grow green hair?

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  • Dr. dB commented on nerdyKat's instructable The Persistence of Memory Cake3 weeks ago
    The Persistence of Memory Cake

    ...it's always the scraps that git ya!

    For this 'ible you're going to need: 3.9 stone of sheer talent 7 metric scads of skill 1 heap of attention to detail 2 incredibly steady hands 4 or 5 bushels of perseverance 1 peck of patience-of-the-saintsProbably the most amazing thing is the "non-existent" parts of the painting - the perfectly-rendered back side of the "tree watch", the fold in "floor watch" - both brought so "fondantly" to 3-D life! I think the original artist would approve... ...heartily!...in-between bites....

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  • Dr. dB commented on Gabriel_S_PL's instructable Epoxy River Coffee Table3 weeks ago
    Epoxy River Coffee Table

    Perhaps acrylic dowels would work for the connections (if not too delicate or flexible). They might "vanish" into the poured resin, making the joining method completely invisible...?

    Perhaps acrylic dowels would work for the connections. If not too delicate or flexible, they might "vanish" into the poured resin, making the joining method completely invisible...?

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  • Dr. dB commented on Luca Gerda's instructable Eerie glowing jars!3 weeks ago
    Eerie glowing jars!

    Oops! After paging down a bit, I see that MartijnD already posted the same suggestion.

    Dear Luca,Frankly, your English is better than that of many "netizens" for whom it is their FIRST and/or ONLY language! Ignore the self-appointed "grammar police" and other such churlish critics.......a great project AND a great 'ible!

    Would certainly be worth some experiments! Seems likely that Ultraviolet LEDs would yield the best results, if any. Maybe even a solar panel in the lid, basic transistor-bias charging circuit, NiCADs/LiPOs, etc. ...?

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  • Dr. dB commented on groovymama's instructable How To Get "Free" Eggs1 month ago
    How To Get "Free" Eggs

    Oh, I didn't find them TOO eggregious....

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  • Dr. dB commented on DustandDoghair's instructable Courtesy: The Ultimate Life Hack6 months ago
    Courtesy: The Ultimate Life Hack

    Ha, ha, indeed! Usually, I'm the one whose (twisted) mind more-or-less automatically runs through most or all of the comedic permutations of words, but I never thought of "bust" in that particular context, with this particular expression... That's funny! (Could be shoulders-up statuary, too, now that you've got me "jump-started"...)

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  • Water Only Fog Machine (No Dry Ice, No Fog Juice)

    Yeah, it would have to include a bridge rectifier + a handful of support components, circuit board, case (waterproofed, if built inside, near the fan), and, thus, MUCH easier your original way, with an off-the-shelf, Mains-powered wall-wart.Most "upright-tank-style" shop-vacs (in the U.S., anyway), even the "teensy" ones, have identical fittings on both the inlet and the outlet, allowing the hose to be attached either way. However, unlike your design, which PUSHES (relatively) clean, outside air into the bucket to eject the fog, the original vac motor would end up SUCKING the moisture through the fan & motor constantly, which might not be the greatest thing for wiring, bushings, etc. (Certainly doesn't do wonders for the fans I sometimes "rescue" from being directly in our stage-haze-streams - even with the nicer, "HazeBase" brand stuff, a bit of "goo" still condenses all over the blades, motor, everything... ...almost always have to admonish the "new kids" at least once to put the fan BEHIND the hazer, or they get to clean it up themselves!)

    ...unless those motors can be reversed?

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  • Water Only Fog Machine (No Dry Ice, No Fog Juice)

    Whew! That IS a bit steep - even though it's still within the ratings of an LM317, that would certainly turn a 7800-series reg into an S.E.D. (smoke-emitting device)! Easier to just stick with the wall-wart, after all... (And I can't think of any (cheap!) 36V fans, offhand.)OOH! Just expanded the shop-vac idea, though - a (cheap! used!) WORKING "wet-or-dry" one, with a small Variac or triac motor-speed controller to ramp-down its own, original blower's output...! Internal electrics should already be fairly waterproofed, etc...Some even have "drain plugs" near the bottom - reversed as a water inlet? ...float-switch/valve? ...or am I getting TOO absurdly complicated, now?

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  • Dr. dB commented on DustandDoghair's instructable Courtesy: The Ultimate Life Hack7 months ago
    Courtesy: The Ultimate Life Hack

    Love the 'ible, and REALLY love your user handle! Beautifully evocative...For those suffering from the "No problem" and other "slang" pet peeves, however:Variety being one of the few, genuine spices of life, I make a conscious point of more-or-less randomly rotating "No problem!", "Sure thing!", "You betcha!" and a number of similar phrases, ALL of which mean, "You're quite welcome!".If I screw something up, I often say, "My bust on that one!", or its shorter form, "Sorry, my bad!". That's me freely admitting that, whatever just got hosed, it's ALL my fault, and no one else's.When I use such conventions, I am ALWAYS sincere. To assume that I'm being "insincere", simply because of some particular, colloquial phraseology or other, frankly, strikes me as just a trifle churlish and arrogant...Perhaps step 11 of this 'ible should be, "Get over yourself!"...?(Oh, also, in Step 6, I think that's, technically, "Git 'er done!", with an "i"...)

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  • Water Only Fog Machine (No Dry Ice, No Fog Juice)

    GREAT idea!And, you and other respondents below are quite right - many of the "traditional" stage-fog formulations are, at best, unpleasant to breath after awhile (...and, I often fog LARGE stages, both indoors and out, as part of my job in Entertainment Engineering.)The mildest we've found, so far, is from an outfit called "HaseBase" - mostly water, very little in the way of "adulterants", and with hardly any "nose" to it - but even THAT can still be a little rough on sensitive humans, if the concentration gets high enough, over extended exposure times.The only thing your approach could possibly do is deposit a little re-condensing water onto nearby stuff and, considering how many times each year we and our gear get torrentially-rained-upon, anyway, I don't see that as a disadvantage at all! (...except for possible slippery spots on a well-waxed dance floor).Certainly in autumn, at least, (Yay, Hallowe'en!), the overall humidity should be low enough for that to be a problem only in very small spaces. (...speaking strictly for the Temperate Zone of the Northern Hemisphere, of course!) One question, some suggestions:Does the "spec plate" on that pond element's power supply say 20VDC? Can't quite make it out... If so, a 317 regulator transistor or a 24V fan, and you could split it off the same DC line, reducing your parts count by one wall-wart.I would recommend soldering the "inside" connections, then brushing-on some "liquid electrical tape" - makes completely water-tight joints in short order.Also, imagine if one could find a small, dead shop-vac, instead of a bucket? Wiring, holes and hose(s) already ready already... just have to swap-in the right fan and re-connectorize. Plus, lots of interesting outlet-nozzle-shape options!At any rate, well done!

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