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DrPeper (author) 2 years ago

I just opened my new Etsy store, which currently has a whopping 1 item. But it's a cool item. It's a 3d layered t-rex popping up out of the table! You should check it out!


DrPeper (author) 5 years ago
iPod Touch (2nd) repair Instructable on the way!

My Mother found an iPod Touch in the road which looked like it had been run over several times. After a little time in surgery I found it was still working even though the glass and LCD were seriously cracked. I'll have the repair surgery up in a month or two. I'm only ordering parts as I need them so it's taking a while, as most of the parts are coming from China.
DrPeper (author) 5 years ago
Oh, I almost forgot! I've got a few projects brewing for the Duct Tape contest. So PLEASE check back, and I could really use your VOTES!
DrPeper (author)  DrPeper5 years ago
Oh, I got too busy and couldn't get all my projects done in time. But I've made a Duct Tape iPod skin which is pretty cool. I'll have to make another to take pictures of the process. Plus I made some mistakes and learned from them on the first one, so the second one is always better made.
DrPeper (author) 5 years ago
I'm on a PLARN kick lately. I've got a big sausage bag made, but I got carried away with it and made it too long so now I'm in the process of splitting it into two bags. Look for the instructable soon.

I'm working on a plarn weaving machine, but I'm going to have to put that on the back burner for awhile.  I have the whole thing worked out in my head.

Oh and I've been DYING to work with those aluminum bottles, so I'll be making some camping stoves soon. I just drank the contents of 9 of them last night!  Plus I got one of those aluminum mini-kegs and I'll be making a stove of some sort from it.

I've been looking into home-made sterno, so I want to try that. Basically you gel alcohol with calcium carbonate. Which you can make from Chalk, antacid, or even eggshells.

I have an idea to make an electric hand warmer out of an old coffee mug, some kind of oil, and a broken hair dryer.  The idea is to grind the ceramic coffee mug into powder, combine it with oil to make a highly heat conductive paste, then heat it with the coil from the hair dryer.

I'm pretty sure I can make bullet proof panels from tyvek and gorilla glue, but I'm waiting for the next gorilla glue contest because that's a guaranteed winner.

I also think I can make a bicycle frame from newspaper (or tyvek) and gorilla glue, but that's a really big project.  It will require making a few jigs.

I need a better sheath for my camping bowie knife, so I'm thinking of picking up some cordura scraps on ebay and going to town.  I've got it mostly worked out in my head.

I fixed a hole in the windshield wiper reservoir on my car with packing peanuts, acetone, a balloon, and some plastic wrap.  Unfortunately I didn't take pictures of the project to post it here.  But it was a seriously kick butte project!

Dr. Pepper5 years ago
omg we have the same name (almost)!
DrPeper (author)  Dr. Pepper5 years ago
Yes we do. I'm looking forward to your next Instructable! Create, Inspire, Innovate!