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Culturespy6 years ago
Hey! It was great meeting you last night. Please do drop in and say hello when you have a mind to.
Grathio (author)  Culturespy6 years ago
Thanks for stopping by, it was a great event! I absolutely will swing by one of these days! The smiling yellow robot on the door is just so inviting...
TheBestJohn6 years ago
Hey there Steve!
My names John and I have created an Physical computing club here at Algonquin College. I stumbled onto your lock a few months ago and thought that it was an awesome piece of code and design. I was wondering if you would be willing to do  skype interview with a few of us in a few weeks for a pod cast that we are starting up shortly. It would be really cool to ask you a few questions about yourself and some other things. If you're cool with it we'll send you a list of questions that we would be asking before hand so you could take a look at them.

I look forward to hearing from you!
Grathio (author)  TheBestJohn6 years ago
 Sure thing!  Check your in-box.
ewilhelm6 years ago
In case you had any doubts, I love that you're selling a kit of your latest Instructable.  We've got some more tools on the way to make this easier.