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BADAMI10 months ago

can u send me a video which shows how to start the construction ???

if u have one. please it would be really a great help


LetsBuildOne (author)  BADAMI10 months ago
Hi BADAMI, I don't have a video unfortunately.

okay no problemo buddy
u having a video of conclusion ???
means the clip of testing the engine ???

LetsBuildOne (author)  BADAMI10 months ago

I do have a video of it being tested. I'll find it and upload it for you.

wolf085 years ago
i am going to build the jet with a coffee thermos :) Could i use a 1/4 copper pipe for the fuel in, if i squeezed the end to make smaller holes would that be better or should i leave it open? would a small can of butane be enough to fuel this?
LetsBuildOne (author)  wolf085 years ago
That sounds like a good plan to me! You can just squash copper pipes as fuel atomizers. I'll attach some examples, I take no credit, they where not designed by me... A small can of butane, as in 250ml, would do for a minute or two. Don't expect to reach anywhere near ten minutes off a can though, if your lucky you may get five minutes.

thank you : )
LetsBuildOne (author)  wolf085 years ago
Here are the examples, the three segment ones where made by crushing the end of the copper pipe in a drill chuck with needles/pins used to keep certain parts open and the others where made by crushing the end in a vice then cutting into it with a hack saw or file.

wolf085 years ago
AWESOME!! i have been looking for something better than a torch and less complex then a turbocharger. I am going to build this, and was thinking about using one large soup can and a small soup can for the exhaust/flame nozzle. I am going to use an old torch valve to release the fuel. Can i use propane ?

thank you
LetsBuildOne (author)  wolf085 years ago
Propane will be perfect as long as your torch valve is designed for it and has a high enough flow rate.

i looked around some more and i am going to use a thermos :) it is steel, strong and i narrows by design, there will hardly be any work :) this is what i hope mine looks like ---------> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oqvze37GVgU
wolf08 wolf085 years ago
it narrows*

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