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MakinThings (author) 2 months ago

It's finally out! After all these years, I have finally been able to deep fry a large bird in nothing but bacon grease! http://www.instructables.com/id/Deep-Fried-Everything-in-Bacon-Grease

Great Presentation

Thank you

MakinThings (author) 3 months ago

Coming soon: video of my irrigation system; extra leg to be added to the irrigation system; gourmet KD mini-series; a solar dehydrator; solar powered pool pump and shed; and on July 1st, there is going to be A BIG ONE!!!! Stay tuned, it's a surprise; been working on this one for two years!

MakinThings (author) 3 months ago

Posted an update in my multizone automatic watering system, and wire and saw foam cutter ibles!

MakinThings (author)  SebastianR814 months ago

Thank you, I find that to be the best of compliments.

MakinThings (author) 7 months ago
Testing my orange board. I want to see if I can link to some background info I use in many ibles to a single source to de-clutter.
MakinThings (author)  MakinThings7 months ago
Answer: no. :(