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Yonatan249 months ago

Thanks For Following!

Thank you for subscribing. It is the fans of my work that keep me wanting to document my tinkerings. I hope you have enjoyed my instructables. Have a great day.

PowellMade1 year ago

Thank you for following Powellmade. Working on anything atm?

Kind regards


Raitis (author)  PowellMade1 year ago

Thanks for following me as well. :)

Recently made an electronics styled beer opener as a gift, will post some pics of that on my instagram account this week.

How about you? Anything cool going on?

Whoa thats cool. I will keep checking till I see it.

I making a simple how to on a repellent I use while fishing I should upload that soon. Seems a lot of people don't like mosquitos so I thought it would help them. :) Also thinking of ideas for the burn it comp. I bet you have some good ones.

Raitis (author)  PowellMade1 year ago

Already checked out the repellent, great work!

I actually had a seemingly decent idea for the burn it contest, but am not going to make it right now because I'm not going to be using the item myself and there are no occasions coming up where I need gifts either. I don't usually make stuff solely for entering contests here, although I must admit, it's often tempting (and even now, with the two science contests and another viable idea).

I'm quite excited of the stuff going on in the burn it contest though, might get an idea or two!

You should make your idea! Then you will have it ready to gift anytime!

Ikr the prizes and comps on here are so encouraging for makers and alike. Thanks instructables!!

Well I look forward to seeing your next project.

Raitis (author)  PowellMade1 year ago

I'll make it for the sheer joy of making if I happen to get my hands on the materials needed unexpectedly, but as of now, there are other priorities - like figuring out some of the issues for the 'ible I plan publishing sometime next week.

Anything I can help you with?i would love to help if I can. I'm learning a lot of new stuff recently especially as computers are difficult for me. Lucky my flat mate an wife are great at computers. :) let me know

Raitis (author)  PowellMade1 year ago

Not much I guess, but if you know something I could take apart to get an around +2 or +3 single convex lens of around 10-12mm in diameter - you'd make my day. Or more likely week.

What's the issue with computers? I see you've modelled some stuff in sketchup, doesn't seem like you have a problem there. :)

This idea may help your lens problem, there are heaps of different options on evilbay with different sizes and magnifications. Also there are small magnifying glasses that are affordable.


Ah the computers are something I feel like I am not the best at. Also my grammar is not the best lol. You know when you have an idea of where you would like to be with something? Sorta like a base line of self expectaion.

Raitis (author)  PowellMade1 year ago

It's certainly better to think that you're not the best at something and constantly strive to improve than to think you're the best and actually not even be close. I don't know if I can draw parallels here yet, but being a maker and having an interest in a lot of things, doesn't it sometimes seem like "oh crap, there isn't anything I'm really good at, I should focus on this more instead"?

eBay is probably my last resort, since I don't really know if 2X will fit either, but you sure helped me by showing these jeweller's magnifiers, I guess it's as close as it gets for me. Thanks!

dt4art1 year ago

Happy New Year! Thank you for following me :) Your heart lamp was so impressive! :D

Raitis (author)  dt4art1 year ago

Thanks and Happy New Year to you as well! :)

thank you for the follow Raitis !!