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lovedfriend4 months ago

Chainmail bra :)

raypsi1 year ago
Here I thought wearing body Armour was against the law banned by the USA AFT guess chain mail doesn't fall in that category
Really gr8 job I like it a lot hope to make one with 1/10 the size will take 10 times longer to make, now to find 20,000 feet of really fine steel wire
rhess1 raypsi1 year ago
I'll answer that, raypsi. It's actually not at all illegal to purchase or wear body armor in the US (though you are sure to get, at the very least, some odd looks) What is -regulated- however is the sale of goods sold as body armor/bullet proof... and that's a good thing, If I'm in the situation where I _need_ a bullet proof vest... I certainly would hope that claim has been, successfully, tested!