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Thank you for following me!!

SlickSqueegie (author)  camping crazy2 years ago

My pleasure!

786Ayesha2 years ago

Thanks for the follow!

hunter9992 years ago

Thank you so, so much for following! :-) I appreciate it deeply, I followed back as a thank you. :D

SlickSqueegie (author)  hunter9992 years ago

No problem. Thank you back.

No problemo :D

antoniraj2 years ago

Thanks for following...

M.Hawse2 years ago

Thanks for following us! Your talent is amazing.

SlickSqueegie (author)  M.Hawse2 years ago

thanks for the awesome comment! I'm happy to follow!

Please check out my latest instructable entered into the Halloween Costume contest - I would love your support! Thanks so much!! Steph :) http://www.instructables.com/id/Super-Easy-No-Sew-Dog-Costume/
OTGG3 years ago
Thank you for deciding to follow me. I enjoyed your intarsia chess board. One day, I will try to make one.
SlickSqueegie (author)  OTGG3 years ago
No problem, thanks for following me. That walking stick cigar box guitar is pretty sweet! nice work
rhoddity3 years ago
Thanks for subscribing! I loved your "Saw Stallions". Very clever!
SlickSqueegie (author)  rhoddity3 years ago
Thanks. It has gotten much use since I built it! It really is extremely functional!
The Rambler3 years ago
Hey Slick thanks for following! You've got some gorgeous stuff on here. I love that you keep that natural wood look in all of your finished projects.