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I'm 75 yrs. old and still like Calvin and Hobbes. Peter Pan was right, "Never grow up."

RbDeraj1 year ago

Awesome name btw, but I think I always liked Calvin's other alter ego Stupendous Man better. Definitely the best comic strip of all time.


jnifrwebb4 years ago
I saw you had a question about screen printing. I posted an instructable that might help you. I took the image you posted and used the first part of my instructions to make this image. That is what the print would look like.
frollard4 years ago
Glad to be of help;

I found digikey, mouser, and newark to all be great suppliers...some need minimum order quantities, but that's not a big deal if you are building a project and need all the parts.
i have been reading calvin and hobbes since 4th grade!!! they are on my mental favorite book list, below the count of monte cristo.
calvin and hobbes is amazing
DJ Radio7 years ago
I like calvin and hobbes too!