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leojoker12 years ago

Forgive my English ...

I'm in Brazil and I'm trying to do the encoding of a remote control.

Directv RC65L.

I can not even decode the HEX or RAW codes.

Have you any idea what I can do?

Victor805 (author)  leojoker11 year ago
Sorry for answering too late, I didn't noticed you.
That's strange, if you can't get the codes it must be the sensor is damaged or not well connected.

It can't be the software (the program I made) because it doesn't decodes the remote, it just copies the pulses, as long as a IR beam hits the sensor some data should be stored.

If nothing at all appears at the arduino console it must be a hardware problem, maybe the arduino is not properly connected.

Another option could be your remote is more technologically advanced and uses another kind of communication signal undetectable by the arduino, if that's the case, I can't do much to solve it.