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Stings1 month ago

Would you share with me what you take to help you sleep? I have the same issue.

ysabet3 months ago

Hey! Fellow shut-up-brain,-I-need-to-sleep person here. I'm deep in the throes of making an atlatl and I just read your Instructable on birch-sap tar (wonderfully clear, btw!) I was wondering: have you ever made in-period sap glue from any other types of trees? Mesquite was the one I was considering specifically; I live in the Sonoran Desert and, while it's much greener here than most people think (especially on the Sky Islands), birch trees don't grow here-- they start showing up in the Flagstaff area or possibly just a bit south of there. We have tons of mesquite *everywhere* and they drip sap like nobody's business; you can find large globs of it hardening on the trees a bit later in the year, in fact, and the local Tohono O'odham people used to chew it like, well, chewing gum. There's also tons of juniper and if you climb in elevation above 8K feet, quite a bit of aspen and several kinds of oak. Do you have any hints for a hard-working would-be paleoist? Thanks!......... Ysabet

baboon581 year ago

I have downloaded your missing VDO, a long time ago. Please show me how I can forward it to you.

Regards Oli

Hey, I was curious if you've ever used lanolin for your polish/conditioner? I've seen a few recipes including it for the water proofing capabilities. Im planning to wax a jacket, but wanted to know your thoughts. Thanks,


antagonizer (author)  msteinhelfer1 year ago

Absolutely. The recipe can be modified to fit your needs. In fact, every thing from polish to lotions to lip balm are just variations on this same recipe and lanolin would offer fantastic conditioning properties.

ADHD and PTSD Has a tendency to keep the mind working 24/7 for me.

Your profile message is my story too :D. Great ibles.

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