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omkarmaker2 years ago

Hey astroboy i made the complete display but the output is coming out reversed i have no clue how could you please tell me a fix on this I need this board at college URGENTLY

astroboy907 (author)  omkarmaker2 years ago

Have you double checked and made sure you didn't wire the 4017 outputs in reverse? If you need a quick and dirty solution you might be able to flip the sign and change the code so that it scans the Y axis code in reverse, that should give you a working display.

xevious8093 years ago
I wasn't sure how to get you these pictures, so hopefully you look here.
Robot Lover4 years ago
Here is that wallpaper you wanted! =)
Dr. Pepper5 years ago
Hey! Thanks for giving me a best answer on you question! Hope you like your iPod touch! :D

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