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lindarose929 months ago

Thank you for following me! I love your ibles! :)

boddhi15 (author)  lindarose929 months ago

Right back at you. It's nice to find a community of people who really love to build and create.

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boddhi15 (author)  deleted_account12 months ago
thanks so much, I'll take a look.
This is Bailey...

Please tell me you are an Engineer. I built a Wardrobe/ Armoire 'ible and yours is SO much better...

boddhi15 (author)  EcoExpatMike1 year ago

i'm a couselor for depressed teens, but i worked with a great mentor in carpentry when i was younger. Thanks for the post. Keep in mind this armoire is small-only 40 inches tall. It was designed for a small dog. A big one would probably be harder.

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