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I have an question...will this engine work in a car if yes how?....where does the exhaust goes?

brendonl (author)  Tarun Jeswani2 years ago

This may answer your question: http://www.ronpatrickstuff.com/

dog digger4 years ago
Finaly! I'm not alone here in aus! What state are you from?
brendonl (author)  dog digger4 years ago
Lol, I am from WA. How about you man? Looks like we got pretty similar interests.
Wow. I'm also from WA!! Isn't that wierd. I've always wanted to build a jet engine but it's getting the money and the parts. I'm down near mandurah
brendonl (author)  dog digger4 years ago
I am up in Moora. Well the first jet I built it was pretty cheap $180 but most of it was just junk lying around and didn't take too long to build, now building a jet powered go-kart that was another story it took lots of money and time. So if you do get the money make an average sized one good enough to scare the hell out of your friends lol. Nice computer set-up by the way!
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