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JasonM1516 days ago

Awesome Job! I ordered the parts from Digikey, Cant wait to try this out and see how efficient it is.

deba168 (author)  JasonM153 days ago

Thank you..

chrisfwy4 days ago

thank you so much!u are awesome!and i appreciate the efforts u spent in this site

deba168 (author)  chrisfwy3 days ago

Thank You so much for your appreciation.

I tried my best to help the community :)

Hindu its very smart people :) I have few friends from there - best friends. Great project and best instructables. Regards Deba

deba168 (author)  BartłomiejH5 days ago

Oops :)


lindarose922 months ago

Thank you for following me! :)

pocokk4 months ago

Many good works done by you, keep it up.

deba168 (author)  pocokk4 months ago

Thank you :)

antoniraj9 months ago

thanks for following...

You make some cool arduino stuff dude!

deba168 (author)  TheEvilOverLord9 months ago


I tried my best :)