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otiz795 months ago
Hey Im considering making this
recipe as my first mead recipe. Im going big with the 5 gallon recipe,
due to the fact that i only have 5 gallon carboys. I have been brewing
beer for a number of years now and want to try my hand at mead. My
questions are:

1. Im racking after 5 days or until the rasberries
lose there coloring, correct? From the secondary rack, How long do i
wait to rerack and bottle? I am assuming after all bubbling has ceased?

I want to make this now (01 May) and not drink it till around
thanksgiving or christmas. I understand that meads taste particularly
better when they age. Is this a good ammount of time to let sit and if
so can i refrigerate while i wait?

Sorry for all the questions,
but i want to do this right and not be completely pissed off at my first
batch, thus never wanting me to try my hand at mead again. Any help you
can throw my way will be greatly appreciated.



jimbles (author)  otiz795 months ago
Hi John,

If you're familiar with brewing beer, mead you can do in your sleep. It's very hard to screw up. As for your questions:

1. Yes, rack until they lose their color or 5 days, which ever comes first. Raspberries can be very tart, so you really want to be careful not to overdo it. After racking off them, I leave it in secondary and take frequent gravity readings until I hit the % I like. I like my meads between 8-10%. Too high and it is basically a chardonnay, too low and it's way too sweet. Once it's at the gravity of your preference, I cold crashed it. If you don't have a way to cram a 5 gallon carboy into your fridge (I did this back in my bachelor days), then I'd recommend adding Super Kleer and leave it for a day. After everything falls out of suspension to the bottom, I rack off the lees (mead term for trub).

2. I am not a subscriber that time = deliciousness. Time will certainly help mellow out off flavors and it will get better. But it doesn't go from bad to good. It goes good to better. I think that's an important distinction to make, because there's a lot of people who's mead will take off like crazy and taste like rocket fuel. That won't ever go away, no matter how long you let it sit. I think I mentioned it, but this was excellent after 3 weeks. So my rule of thumb is if it's not drinkable after a month, it probably won't be drinkable after a year. I highly recommend aging it in a fridge if possible. It helps speed things along and keeps it at a consistent temperature.

Best of luck, let me know if I can answer any more questions!