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maxiaxie4 years ago
Hey, I love your instructables, but unfortunately I am of the "cannot-find-resources-to-save-his-life" persuasion. Do you sell kits, and if you do which ones do you offer on your site? They sound perfect for my IB group 4 project (planning on demonstrating the processes of DNA fingerprinting, and when it's over I have a small forensics lab worth of DNA fingerprinting gear to play with)!

I would have looked myself, but your site is blocked by my school's firewall for being non-educational.

Thanks, Sam
jorodeo (author)  maxiaxie4 years ago
Hi Sam,
Thanks for your comments and questions ! We do indeed sell kits for gel electrophoresis. They are for educational use, such as for classes like the one you are planning with DNA fingerprinting. Right now we have a mini-gel electrophoresis kit and a mini blue light transilluminator. We are about a month away from a new LED blue light transilluminator which is even better than the one we currently sell.
Let me know if you need any further information,
Best wishes,