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www1392 years ago

I understand you like Frozen! I like it too! Do you wanna build a snow-man? oops! we can't! It's summer!!! :P

koolcoasterkid (author)  www1392 years ago

I'm confused... :P Did you post this on the wrong profile or something?

no!! Shadowman told me that you liked frozen!

koolcoasterkid (author)  www1392 years ago

Lol, that's funny Shadowman. I've seen frozen but I'm not the biggest fan of it. Maybe Shadowman was talking about where I live, it's frozen most of the time here :p

He said this:

Yep. That's Koolcoasterkid's favorite movie, so he'll be glad if you talk about it on his Orangeboard. (I copy and pasted it)

koolcoasterkid (author)  www1392 years ago

Hehe, Shadowman's just trying to troll me. :p

Oh :D

Thanks for following!

Thanks for subscribing :D
koolcoasterkid (author)  dr. richtofen2 years ago
No prob, thanks as well. :)
koolcoasterkid (author) 2 years ago
Happy Holidays to everyone who reads this!
hunter9992 years ago
"I've collected a bit of K'nex over the years (over 30,000)" XD, you call that a bit!! Thats a huge amount! Good to have another British K'nexer on this site.
koolcoasterkid (author)  hunter9992 years ago
Haha I guess its a bit more than a bit :P Also, I'm Canadian, not British.
I guess I stand corrected!
Jag562 years ago