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dr. richtofen7 months ago
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koolcoasterkid (author)  dr. richtofen7 months ago
No prob, thanks as well. :)
koolcoasterkid (author) 8 months ago
Happy Holidays to everyone who reads this!
hunter9998 months ago
"I've collected a bit of K'nex over the years (over 30,000)" XD, you call that a bit!! Thats a huge amount! Good to have another British K'nexer on this site.
koolcoasterkid (author)  hunter9998 months ago
Haha I guess its a bit more than a bit :P Also, I'm Canadian, not British.
I guess I stand corrected!
Jag569 months ago
koolcoasterkid (author)  Jag569 months ago
Just playing the bridges with your brother :P
koolcoasterkid (author) 10 months ago
I've updated my ball machine, on SSCoasters. Click this link to see it :
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