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hi ilove you ibles' your my favorite intructable poster

Oh thank you very much. I appreciate the favoritism:)

i got this idea all because your restaurant

i just styled your restaurant in my pe and i now have a awesome server in which you are supposed to do occupations







redstone-ing ( my first job )

robbing ( we redstone ppl have set up passwords )


acting ( i dont care about the films they make lol )

park building ( my second job )

teaching ( how to do things only for newbies )

kidnapping ( just pushing ppl into their base and stealing


police ( my third job. i am an exellent investgator )

farming ( my favoraite place to visit is farms )

shops ( to buy blocks and stuff )

mod shop ( selling mod stuff )

grieving ( i locked them up )

grieving school ( i greifed it lol )

herobrine ing ( leader has herobrine powers )

acting school ( has the most disturbance cause its the hotspot for grievers & i kill ppl for fun there lolz )

kitty30001 year ago

hi love your ideas

Tater Zoid2 years ago

Thank you for subscribing.

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loompiggytutorials (author)  Tater Zoid2 years ago
No problem! Your 'ibles are so cute=P

hi can u subscribe to me?? and check ur messaging plz.

i luv what ive seen of ur stuff and this is super cute!!

Thank you. I appreciate your feedback.

i love 5sos too

Hey LoomPiggyTutorials! In your awesome instructable titled 'How To Write A Story' you mention a book you're writing called Everquest. You also mention "Continues Onto Everfall". This is a random idea that popped into my head, but I was thinking, that could be a trilogy, and the third book could be either Everrise or Everreign. Just an idea I think you'd like. Keep up the awesome tutorials!

That is literally the best idea ever! Thank you so much for the idea! If Everquest is able to get published one day, you are going under acknowledgements, no question. Thank you very much, and I'll let you know when I have finished Everquest.

Oh My Gravy! I had no idea you'd like it THAT MUCH! I'm just like, beaming right now! I'm so glad you like it! (You're so welcome, btw.)

JM19991 year ago

Thanks heaps for following - I hope you'll enjoy some of my upcoming rainbow loom projects!