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aien2 years ago


Leuke creaties!

Bent u bekend met het Amsterdam Maker Festival? Nee, check dan deze link: http://amsterdammakerfestival.nl/?page_id=17 .


ataylor9993 years ago
Hey, I saw your iOS/Remote controlled blimp.
I am planning on teaching a few kids at our tech center how to build it.
If you have a moment, can you sent me product #'s or the names of them so I can order in the proper ones?

It would be a great help( and we all think this is a pretty awesome project you did!).

masynmachien (author)  ataylor9993 years ago
Thank you!

For the Dension WIRC and the propellers there are links in the Materials list.

For the rest I just listed the parts I used, often with alternatives and actually often with possible better choices. I do not have a list of "best to use" parts yet.

Right now I'm in the process of preparing an order at HobbyKing for a new and improved build. I will pass it on.

Do you have experience with classic RC or with (hacked) servo's? If so building a blimp that works in still air, is not difficult as long as you keep an eye on weight and lift . Building one that works well with normal air flows from aircos and such is a challenge you can take on from there (And to be clear: a version that would work outdoors would be a completely different level of project).
Not much experience. But I have researched thoroughly and there are several others helping me build it, so I'm sure we'll be fine with it.(That and my fiancee is pretty knowledgeable about this sort of thing). I like the trial and error aspect of this project- finding different and efficient ways to make it move( and the fact that there are several different parts that can be used makes this project somewhat flexible and improvable ). Thank you so much for getting back to me so quickly!
janw3 years ago
Merci voor het volgen :)
ynze5 years ago
Dag Yvon,

Dankjewel voor je abbonement op mij :)
En gefeliciteerd met het artikel als "featured author", reuze cool!

Heb je gezien dat wij ongeveer hetzelfde doen wat betreft basisscholen, kinderen en dingen maken? Zo niet, kijk dan even op mijn website: www.slimme-handen.nl


masynmachien (author)  ynze5 years ago
Dag Ynze,


En ook jij bedankt voor je abonnement op mij.

Ik had er nog niet op gelet dat je van Nederland bent. Leuke site, die had ik nog niet gezien.
Mijn eigen site is hopeloos verouderd, ik zet m'n nieuwe dingen op de laatste tij alleen op Instructables.

En ja we doen gelijkaardige dingen. Leuk en inspirerend!

Je stofzuiger bazooka Ible is schitterend. Je krijgt alvast m'n stem.

Ik ben zelf nog bezig aan een entry in de "Make it Move" contest.


angelabchua5 years ago
Thanks for swinging by the lab! It's always nice to have authors come and visit. I just have to say, that your chocolates were AMAZING! Thanks so much!