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KittyKat041 year ago

what does give a cow it's wings mean?

pls reply

same as "give an alligator its wings" to the Swamp Family.

still don't get it. Like does it mean give them good luck or keep up the good work, or I just have no idea.........

momoluv (author)  KittyKat043 months ago

It's just a cute thing to make people want to subscribe. Grav3yardgirl has had a big impact on my life and I used to love cows with a serious passion (I had a cow themed birthday party) so I just combined the two.

stonesarah4 months ago

wow, you've great ideas.


Yonatan246 months ago

Congrats on 1 Million views!

CharleeAnn9 months ago

Great tutorials! I love all of your Harry Potter stuff!

Simran Sharma10 months ago

your instructables are awsome

stephenmack10 months ago

Parks and Rec...The best ever.

Ellie1083211 months ago

Cool stuff!