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wilcurt6 years ago
mrcrumley (author)  wilcurt6 years ago
 Sorry, but that's just not American enough for me.
You're one of the only people who know it's not a made-up word.

You do know that's German for "Super" right?
mrcrumley (author)  wilcurt6 years ago
The context of this discussion is "is there a word that means more than ultimate?". To which, people have offered "uber." My response has been a clarification that I wanted an American word meaning more than ultimate. And since "uber" is neither greater than "ultimate" nor American, I find it lacking on both accounts.
There is a word thats better than ultimate "Über"
mrcrumley (author)  coolsciencetech7 years ago
Clarification: What's an AMERICAN word that means more than ultimate?
mrcrumley (author) 7 years ago
Hello. Yes, thank you.
uh hi
arnold1237 years ago