Who thinks "Mechanical" is a good or bad band name.? Answered

My frined wants our band name to be mechanical but i think its a stupid name. p.s. he  and my other two friends don't want to change it.

Asked by mberg 7 years ago

feathered hair band?

 how do you make a feathered hair band? i love those bands but they are ridiculously expensive. 

Asked by greenelephant 8 years ago

Band saw question

I am going to purchase a band saw to cut 10" circles from 3" stock. Will the 10" Craftsman band saw allow me to accomplish that?

Asked by Charlie Pelican 3 years ago

favorite bands of all time

What is your favorite band? what type of music is it and whats your favorite song of theirs?

Posted by michael J. caboose 9 years ago

Loom Band Instructions for Fingures

Re: making the loom band using fingers, It would have been better to show how to clip it together, but overall very informative

Posted by DaibachofHereford 3 years ago

rock band

So...i was playing rock band with a bunch of people and my friend broke the spring on the foot pedal and i don't want to completely take the thing apart to fix it...anyone got any ideas?

Posted by kaseyraex3 10 years ago

Have a 9in Craftsman band saw and purchased a 62in metal cutting blade (62in blade is too small?

Have a Craftsman 9in Band Saw.  Needed a metal cutting blade.  Specs indicate a blade length of 62in.  Purchased one but it is too loose.  Checked all adjustable mechanics in saw - found none out of order...  measured band and it IS 62 inches..?

Asked by mridgley 2 years ago

i want to use a real foot pedal on my rock band to make it work i can use any reed switch normally open or no?

I want to create a rock band pedal so ineed exactly the same reed switch as they show on the instructions or i can use another models

Asked by coqu1 9 years ago

operation snake sword is green lights.

Go to "operationsnakesword.weebly.com and check out the plans for band camp on upgrading to a new type of raid warfare.

Posted by tubanator-2.0 7 years ago

does anyone know how to make a 5 stranded prajiet bracelet.?

It is a type of Martial arts arm or wrist band.

Asked by bolde 8 years ago

now that rock band 3 has been release i was wondering if i buy the midi adaptor cani make my ps3 drum kit compatible?

I want to know if the midi adaptor can make my ps3 drum kit compatible with 360 and i enter to amazon and the weight of the item is 16pounds is that right?¿?

Asked by luis-acs 7 years ago

How do I get the Star-burst rubber band off the loom at the end?

I have looped all the borders but I cant figure out how to finish it and get the bracelet off the loom. The end I finished looping the borders at is messy and confusing. How do I fix it and get the bracelet off?

Asked by sullykids123 4 years ago

i live in latin america and idont know the name of the reed switch in spanish so i can buy it

I wanna know the name in spanish of a model i can use in the rock band custom pedal

Asked by coqu1 9 years ago

rubber bands; Stretchy not stretchy? Answered

Assuming we are using the same amount of both, is it better to use small rubber bands that stretch to there fullest on the length of the gun or thick rubber bands that stretch over the full length of the gun?

Asked by Wafflicious 9 years ago

what to do with about literally 10000 rubber bands besides the rubber band ball? Answered

No rubber band  balls or any thing simple i want something big, like a world record or a big project

Asked by voemaster 8 years ago


Skillet is so flippin cool!!!! if you have anything to say about it or other good bands go ahead!

Posted by Yami Yugi 5 years ago

Rubber band aeroplane is not flying correctly

Created Rubberband aeroplane ,and glides fine without propeller.But when the propeller is turned ON ,it just lost the balance and its not climbing into height.The propeller is home made.what would be the reason?.please help me.

Asked by AnasCS 1 year ago

How do you repair a watch whose band is broken and a spare just won't fit?

I have a northstar cw2 that i unfortunately stepped on and broke the band. I would like to fix it but the bar that runs parallel to the watch face was not connected to the watch frame but set in plastic and now there is just an empty space. I tired a replacement but it just doesn't seem to fit correctly.

Asked by Rustar 9 years ago


Any thoughts about the licensing? I think I chose the wrong one for the rubber band gun I posted. I just noticed that the license I picked says that you can't use this Instructable commercially. I would prefer that people be able to make and sell the rubber band gun if they wish. Also, I am not concerned if someone does not attribute the design to me. It would be nice but not necessary. I did not make the design to receive accolades.

Posted by HTMF Metal Pizza 1 year ago

Launch it Contest

Hey, Anyone know why it is taking so long for my entry to get into the Launch-it Contest. Voting ends tomorrow and no moderater has approved my instructable! https://www.instructables.com/id/Elasto-O-Matic-RBG-5-Rubber-Band-Shooter/ I entered it in time! Confused?

Posted by Greasetattoo 6 years ago

Can replacement jacks be purchased for rock band cymbals?

One of our young kids pulled the wires out of the angle jacks for the cymbals. I bought some jacks at radio shack. The problem is that when I look at the original plugs they seem to have soldered 3 wires to the plug. However there are only 2 wires. Which wires get attached where? I would prefer to buy pre- assembled replacement jacks. Does anyone know of a source to buy replacement jacks?

Asked by Daddy-O 54 8 years ago

Drum instructables

Why are like 90% of the instructables on this group drum instructables? Does nobody play any other instrument?

Posted by downhilldman 9 years ago

head banging

Who here head bangs i do and it gives me a head ace is that a bad thing? Well tell me if you do and remember keep head banging

Posted by Metal4God 10 years ago

Hey im new :)

Hey im new guys :), im intrested in rubberband stuff, so...yeah. Does anyone have an rubberband gun intructable? not a lego rubberband gun, one made from wood, a repeater rubberband gun weith a cog n stuff. Well that all :)

Posted by QueroAlpha 10 years ago

how to make a watch like led scrolling display?

Hi all,  i want to make a watch/ bracelet like scrolling display. which can show alphanumeric characters and special characters also. attached here with a led watch image. is anyone have any idea about this?

Asked by sureshpadhy 5 years ago

Rubber band cars.

Does anyone build them? here is mine https://www.instructables.com/id/Rubber-band-car/

Posted by general zee 9 years ago

does any one like Dave Matthews band? Answered

Im afraid im the only one!!!

Asked by yoda-iz-my-idol 8 years ago

Band Hero Help?

Hi, I have just bought Band Hero (ps3) and trying to get all players to join so we can play it. But can't figure it out. Can someone please explain step by step how we do this?? Thanks so much!!

Asked by nomes20 8 years ago

need rock band gutiar help

My rock band gutiar keeps on messing up alot and also when i shake it there is a wired moving sound and i think that it is coming from the strummer but i am not sure what should i do also it is the black starocaster gutiar and on playstation 2

Asked by 1997589 8 years ago

who likes dragonforce....nobody likes buckethead.

Who likes dragonforce, if not, what band do you like, rap? rock?

Posted by Yerboogieman 9 years ago

Upcoming: Klutz Rubber Band-Powered Contest

Coming soon, a new contest where every entry is powered by rubber bands, it's the Klutz Rubber Band-Powered Contest! The rubber bands can be twisted or stretched, alone or in combination. Just remember that no weapons are allowed. We're doing this to have fun, not hurt others so let's see the creativity fly!We mean that flying part literally. There are prizes for any type of creation, but there will also be a special prize for the best flying contraption. To encourage more people to enter, and to make the entries more easily reproducible, we want to see Instructables that use materials that are cheap and easy to find and have the whole thing be something that can be done in an afternoon or an evening.More details will be coming soon, but that should be enough to get you going for now. So get your rubber bands ready!

Posted by fungus amungus 9 years ago

What are some tips/pointers/well-thought-out-advice for making a band and keeping it together? Answered

My friend and I are trying to make a band so we can play at our schools variety show. (read: talent show). By the way, any suggestions for songs to play? Thanks

Asked by deedeedee9 8 years ago

International Band

I was thinking, wouldn't it be cool if someone could start a band where each member has never met before and lived in another part of of the world. For recording and coming up with songs they would sort of make a conference call or a webcam conference and meet up that way. They would then send each of they're recordings of their part that they played together to one person who combined them for the song. I don't know just one of my random thoughts. Interesting though.

Posted by Rockerx 9 years ago

Does DittoMusic Work?

My Band is trying to get distributed for free to itunes we tried dittomusic and we're wondering if anyone has ever had any experiences with dittomusic if so let me know , heres my bands youtube http://www.youtube.com/shockthebandvevo we just want to majorly get on itunes for FREE plz help also heres our website http://www.shocktheband.webs.com

Asked by Airsoft 007 Sniper 7 years ago

I want to make a band! can i have some tips?

First of all all of my friends want to but they dont know how to play the instruments they want. and i dont need anything because i sing? i dont know what to tell them now because i dont think itll work anymore?(is metal that we play)

Asked by OrIsIt 6 years ago

Band Guitar songs, discussions on great songs with two decent guitar parts

So ive been playing quite a bit with my band recently. The problem i find is that with most songs the guitar parts are very dull, or there are few oppurtunties to play something interesting. I wondered if we could discuss songs that are generally quite interesting and varied throughout, rather than samey. Im not looking for anything particulary complicated just something fun to play. For example 'Nothing else matters' and the 'day that never comes' were fun to play throughout, although im not particularily worried about the genre.

Posted by bradley13 8 years ago

How do I sing Avenged Sevenfold music?

Any tips?

Asked by OrIsIt 6 years ago

Klutz rubberband contest- K'nex

Now this has to be a competition we have a chance in. My immediate idea was for a plane, what do you reckon? Ideas welcome, and I may have a crack at it myself.

Posted by knexguy 9 years ago

Could i mount a jigsaw upside down and use it Like a fretsaw ?? Answered

Could i mount a jigsaw upside down and use it Like a fretsaw ?? because my fretsaw is nackered and before i buy a new one if i can improvise by making it in a vice and Building a metal support etc Itwill be perfect

Asked by stephenniall 8 years ago

Underrated bands

What bands come to mind when you hear 'underrated bands'? i think Modest Mouse is a seriously underrated band.

Posted by wingman246 10 years ago

I've just built a recording studio, got all the basics i.e mic guitars cubase headphones. What cool extras can i add in? Answered

SO im in the process of building a recording studio in my garage, ive got all the basics, so guitar bass mic drum kit all the drum kit mics, etc and ive got it all wired up into my computer. ive also got a decent amp footpedal and headphones. so i waswondering if you had any ideas on cool extras (eg wall mounted guitar stands) that i could add in to make the garage cooler

Asked by bradley13 8 years ago