Game Maker Game

Here is an AWSOME gmae i made with game maker :)

Posted by animan1 8 years ago


Forum for games!

Posted by j1a1m1e1s 9 years ago

favourite game

Whats your favourite game on xbox,xbox360,ds and wii

Posted by nfk11 8 years ago

i have a question where i can download portal game free?

It is cool game for computer

Asked by 8 years ago

I can't play any games on my I pod?

It is saying that it can't open the file when I click on it but I was able to play games before this happen

Asked by 9 years ago

fave game person

Hows ur fave game person? mine is alcratraz from crysis 2 , cole mcgrath from infamous 1,2 . ezio and altair from assassins creed, sack boy from lbp

Posted by RSV26 6 years ago

Happy Wheels


Posted by ~Aeronous~ 7 years ago

wats better

Wats better? xbox or Nintendo ds

Posted by nfk11 8 years ago

Remy Martin game????? Answered

We have been having a bit of a clear out & been selling a few bits on eBay but before I listed this I thought I had better have a go at confirming my idea as to what it is actually for. My better half & I picked it up with a bunch of other stuff when we had our pub, it had no box, instructions or anything else with it & to tell the truth it has sat on various shelves gathering dust ever since. I think it is a connect four type game but I have had various suggestions made with other theories varying from some sort of score counter to an indoor bowling kind of like thing?!?!?!?! Maybe?????! Duh? I have had a bit of a browse around the interweb & found nothing; I looked on the Remy Martin web site, again nothing. As there is nothing in the pictures to give any scale I will say the box is a little over 11 inches long & 8.5 inches high when opened it has a total of  34 balls 17 each of dark & light wood & a tray at the bottom of the slots which releases the balls when removed. So what do all you clever people have to say about it? I am open to ideas & theories but what I would really like is some sort of evidence to back your ideas up.

Asked by Nostalgic Guy 7 years ago

this game is FUN!

This game is sweet!

Posted by Yerboogieman 9 years ago

Game Stop pays you "?????" for games

Hello! I was wondering, how much does game stop pay you for a game? Thanks! (I'm too lazy to go to game stop)

Posted by Sandisk1duo 9 years ago

Android Games to Symbian Games

    I have built games for android, but now i need to make it compatible on Symbian phone. Are there any tools to convert android games to symbian games? Thanks!

Posted by valeriavetralla 3 years ago

best game of 0.10

 what do you think will become the best game of 0.10?

Posted by knuckel 8 years ago

Creating a game on Game Maker 8.

Anyone know how to randomize a sprite for a die/dice, or a click to randomize sprites?

Asked by wilcurt 7 years ago


Tell me what games you play

Posted by ryan knexer 10 years ago

best game you've ever played (can be all types of games)

Can be board games, video games, etc.

Posted by hmfoster 6 years ago

Has anyone heard of a game called Openttd?

The game is a transport themed game and it is really cool. I just want to know if anyone else knows about it or has played it...

Asked by RedFlash 8 years ago

Classes? Answered

Is there going to be any classes on programming, game development, game modeling, games editing, and game coding?

Asked by Sandra1973 1 year ago

Best Nintendo DS Games

What are the best games for the Nintendo DS?

Posted by SC-Ghost 9 years ago

Knex Games

Does any body have any ideas for any knex carnival style games?

Posted by Nothing2it 8 years ago

Instructables, the Video Game

Don't you think instructables should have a video game? I think instructables should make one, not only for fun, but to bring publicity to the website. If you want a game made, leave your ideas here

Posted by patriots8888 7 years ago

Favourite N64 game.

What are your favourite n 64 games? Mine is ....................Zelda 64 Ever heard of it?

Posted by Bartboy 9 years ago

ausome inernet games?

Im looking for some ausome internet games

Asked by knexsuperbuilderfreak 8 years ago

Best PSP GAmes

What is the best PSP games? I just got a psp and would like to know what games are good.

Posted by Farewell88s 9 years ago

I am writing the story for a game. Can anyone help with the game making itself?

I've written a pretty long story that I am no where near done with and I need a game for it. I have the main characters, sort of how it ends, what kind of game, what the map will look like, some missions, and more.

Asked by Durant810 1 year ago

perfect game? Answered

Hey guys and gals how  can i make a game with free sofware and google skethup 7

Asked by tinker234 6 years ago

Favorite game and what system its on.

What is you favorite game and name the system it is on. It does't have to be on a playstation.

Posted by qui-gon621 7 years ago

What type of games do you like?

Types of the game a little more do not know what to play good the best stand-alone game.

Asked by swtorcredits100 6 years ago

which game should i buy next for my wii? I would aprecciate if the games you guys suggest are rated e 10+ and under. Answered

I would also like the games to be mario games, sports games (no shooting or hunting) and/or racing games. I already have.

Asked by dacruz 7 years ago

I am looking for a Good new farming game

i am looking for a new good farming game, does anyone know any new games ????... i like farming games but i almost played them all ....

Posted by amasran 6 years ago

I need friv games / flash games for my website

Hello everybody, I need friv games / flash games for my website. I need swf files, can you help me? Thank you!

Posted by monxu 3 years ago

Idea for a new game

Hi I have an idea for a new game, where do I post this please? x

Posted by Srhkitty 4 years ago

Game Maker

Game Maker Programming console disscusion forum

Posted by smmcguir 10 years ago

pre-school games?

I'm looking for gross-motor games for pre-schoolers?

Asked by 8 years ago

stratagey game

I made an instructable and this is about it..... pich in.....

Posted by aseaheru 9 years ago

Best vedio game

What do you think is the best video game in the world? What console do you think is the best? 

Posted by XxsonicxX 6 years ago

Jeopardy Game Board. I am looking for a simple circuit to make a game board.

I need a circuit to construct a Game Board like they use on the Jeopardy Game Show.  My board will have 8 players instead of 3.

Asked by olddog1213 6 years ago

nintendo game boy advance

Just found my old nintendo game boy, any ideas what I can do, use or make from it?

Asked by dmorris11 6 years ago

who do I contact if I have a video game idea? Answered

I have several ideas that I think would make good games.

Asked by nerd7473 5 years ago

Make your own computer game? Answered

Does anyone know any good websites to make games like age of war as i would like to make my own. Bare in mind the computer game would be 2D and similar to Age of war 1/2. Thank you

Asked by Michaelgoode 7 years ago

How to make dual barreled weapons in game maker 8 pro?

I am making a plane game in game maker and I am stuck on how to make the rockets shoot from the wings and not from the origin like the minigun does. Any help would be appreciated as would and example. Cheers

Asked by QwertyuioLP 7 years ago

Chaotic Trading Card Game

Hey folks i have expanded our yugioh group to multiple trading card games and one of those TCG games is chaotic as far as i know Chaotic is just about extinct. but you can find cards from time to time. yeah post strategies pics of cards or whatever

Posted by Yami Yugi 5 years ago

Game in mp5 ?

Dear All.. I have an 4.3 Inch 4GB MP3 MP4 MP5 Touch Screen Video Media Music Player Movie Game TV OUT  (ebay) Just curious ,could you help me  to know  this game (please see photo) use for what and can be saved . Many thank you for your time                                                      Best regards                                                            lam

Asked by lam 2 years ago

wii game?

Because i got into a good high school my mums getting a nintendo wii and she sed that i can pick a game but im stuck i was thinking skate IT and can you use a wii fit balance board with it or do you need a special one???

Asked by knexdude152 9 years ago