how to make paper mache dress form?

Step by step instructions for a paper mache body form.

Asked by azztasticme 7 years ago

Best Paper Mache Recipie

Hello, I was wondering what people have found to be the best paper mache recipe out there. I'm currently using flour, elemers glue, clove oil and water, but was wondering if there is a better recipe out there.

Posted by The Cartographer 6 years ago

Paper Mache

Hey i want to make a mask with my son of paper mache. Now i read somewhere that some wallpaper glues are bad because they cause rashes on the face. I bought one from Bison (becasue it was the only one they had) but how can i find out if this is a good one or not without giving my 4 year old a itching face?

Posted by TrickyD 8 years ago

how do you publish a collection?

Tried but said "oops, something went wrong"

Asked by freckledmonkey 3 years ago

I need to know how to make a dash board like in a papermache way so I can make a mold. cheap to nearly free is preferred

I have the rare opportunity to create a new interior for an aging kit car. I know what I need to do. I have the design, but little to no money. How can I create say the dash, and center console? Im looking to eventually make a mold of this so it can be replicated. I was thinking of eventually using glass resin body filler as a final fascia to provide an eventually super smooth surface once the carving and modifying is complete. Im talking to a master molds man in a few days, but could use some ideas for a construction materials to start with. So I can get to the point of making a mold for it, and start replicating my construction. Any ideas?

Asked by ydeardorff 9 years ago

What's the difference between paper mache and paper clay?

I want to try making my own paper clay or paper mache for sculpting projects (like lightweight small pumpkin people for Halloween), but various instructables use one term or the other. Is there a difference, and if so, what kinds of projects would you recommend using each product for? Thanks.

Asked by jathey 9 years ago

how to get rid of the paper mache texture?

I'm using paper mache on a shield and i don't want it peal off when I fight with it?help.

Asked by thesuperninja2 3 years ago

Cement cover over paper (mache) sculpture?

Ok, this might sound as a stupid idea, but i was reading about Papercrete today which sounds fascinating and i will have a try on it. But then this other weird idea came up to me.....i want to make something like a giant rock, and i thought perhaps instead of using papercrete, what if i made the whole giant rock with just paper pulp and then cover it up with cement so it could be waterproof ? is that possible? please give me your thoughts

Posted by Ιστορία ΕλληνικούΚ 2 years ago

how to do papier mache?

Asked by 9 years ago

How far back can paper mache be documented? Answered

I was curious if you happen to have an idea where the first example of paper mache was used in history?

Asked by ChristianDBrave 9 months ago

Starburst Paper Mache. Help!

So I'm planing on covering a wooden Kleenex box with Starburst wrappers. However I'm not sure what type of liquid adhesive I should use. Is a glue/water mixture good enough? Is there anything on the market that I should use? Any homemade concoctions that would do the job? Any recommendations on how to give it a gloss finish? I'd appreciate any input you have as to what I should use. Thanks.

Posted by magpie21 9 years ago

Original Papier Mache? Answered

Back in Victorian times, many items were made of what is described as Papier Mache. The result was nothing like what we recognise today as Papier Mache....... It looked more like modern plastic...... as smooth as plastic. Was this because the paper was shredded to a much finer consistency than we tend to do these days ? - Or was it something to do with the type of glue, or the process itself ?

Asked by and7barton 10 months ago

Kind of Paper used for Paper Mache

Not a silly question. What kind of paper do you use in items made out of Paper Mache? the instructions I have call for strips torn from old newspapers but when my local newspaper went out of business that kind of killed the supplier for this kind of craft. papers are different so the results wont be the same as with newspaper. Thought making paper mache models would be a great and kind of cheap way to try out some ideas.

Asked by Eyewondery 8 years ago

How do when make mask with paper mache for about two hours?

Rrecently, I gave mask making workshop to community and only limit of time is two hours, those possible to make the mask with paper maches?? please help me out for better way

Asked by Masko 7 years ago

Covers for cloth armatures.? Answered

Daughter wants to make a paper mache strapless, sideless bra for an outfit. She plans on using a stick in on bra as a base. Can she cover it in plastic wrap and paper mache over the plastic wrap? Should you cover it with something else? Or should she paper mache right onto the fabric?

Asked by LisaW29 1 year ago

Paper Mache Power Ranger helmet?

What ways can I make this? I've done the duct tape mold method, and the balloon method. I'm not sure if either will turn out nice. I see all these Iron Man and Halo helmet instructables but never a Power Ranger one. Can you help?

Posted by Mccall101 8 years ago

Making Paper Mache Waterproof

I want to make paper mache garden pots, if possible, so it would be paper/flour and need to be covered in something that would not ruin the artwork/shape. I have not tried any sealants out yet, thought I would ask and see if anyone has experience with this or something similar. I have looked up some Kryolan products, but am unfamiliar with what these sealants and stuff even do. Like what is epoxy or resin? Please help me out, thanks! 

Posted by shossner 6 years ago

for 400kg wt which DC motar i will used ?

My car over all wtis around 400. for that which motar i will user 1) how mach watt.                                                          2)how mach rpm,ampear

Asked by padmaksh96 2 years ago

how do I remove humidity from a workshop? The deminsions are 12X12?

I am working on paper mache props for a halloween party this weekend.  Yesterday a weather front moved in and rain rain rain.  Now they are calling for humid conditions for the next two days and my projects aren't complete.  The mache clay is not setting properly and I am afraid that I won't be done by Friday.

Asked by papabear108 7 years ago

I wish to build a drum set, i am considering using cardboard for the shells, and paper mache. any suggestions?

 I am going to try to create drum shaped cylanders with cardboard, then paper mache them to create the hardness and durability of wood. what would i use for the drum heads and will this work? also, what do i use for a bass pedal?

Asked by PyroMaster007 8 years ago

Titebond III, concrete acrylic fortifier and waterproof paper mache?

I've used Titebond III wood glue and concrete acrylic fortifier as the base for making paper mache with glue and found that it makes a good, mostly water proof paper mache (wouldn't keep something submerged, like in an aquarium, but for items that are outside for while it works great for me). I was wondering if you ever tried using that kind of glue and acrylic fortifier and if you have what success with it being waterproof have you had?

Asked by tobosbunny 6 months ago

Mould? Answered

How can I stop mould and can I still finish my mache project

Asked by HazelT7 1 year ago

How to make Paper Mache...

I have spent   'more than a little time' over the last few days,  seeking...    I have not found what I am looking for.    I dont want 'this is how you can do this'...    I want to find,   'this is the different ways to make paper mache, this is how use the different types, and this is what the pros and cons are of these'... I looked in the likely places, and on the Instructables site, and didnt find it... help... regards... dnorm ps.    pls dont think me rude to  'cut you off'   ...   I am Not seeking a specific solution for a given application...    I am seeking a website which provides a very broad ,    and   in depth,   description and understanding of the versatility of the craft. in spite of that...    any response is most welcome, truly... d.

Posted by dnorm 6 years ago

Whenever I post an instructable a bunch of A like symbols appear on the instructable, how can you get rid of them? Answered

My instructable is for a big paper mache shark and its on the 4th epilog challenge see it if you can help that would be appriciated (voting would be to)

Asked by DELETED_professor awsome 6 years ago

Outdoor Sealants? Answered

To seal the papier mache for outdoor use, is there a preferred sealant? What should we look for in selecting a sealant for outdoor use? I have in mind some projects for holiday decor that would be outside for several weeks at a time. I'd love to find something that could withstand the weather and sun for longer periods, so that papier mache might be used for garden art.

Asked by ddj0195 10 months ago

How to create a large pencil shaped Pinata out of paper mache?

As a group project for several people at my work, we want to create a pinata(s) for the afterschool program in the shape of a pencil and eraser. We want to do it using paper mache and was wondering if anyone could provide a good detailed instruction on what we should use and how we should go about it. We are aiming at having a group of at least 5 people help out and detailed instructions so that we could split up the tasks would be excellent.

Asked by sarasmiles82 6 years ago

How do I "Wrap'' around this one? Answered

I want to make a paper mache phantump.(Phantump is a Pokemon !) Phantump has horns on its head , and its head is like a stump. I don't know how I'm going to make the skeleton of my phantump , or how I'm going rap the paper mache around the head and the horns without breaking it .

Asked by Happystarcat3 1 year ago

whats the best way to paint over paper mache?

Finishing off a balloon, newspaper, and plaster pinata. there's no way I can get the frilly paper in time, but I have a decent amount of acrylic paints and other art supplies. what method would make my monster the greenest of them all?

Asked by rubberbands 9 years ago

I need to make a GINORMOUS human sized corn-chip, doesn't need to be edible it will be used once as a mascot. any ideas? Answered

I thought paper-mache but that will take ages and i need it soon. ANY IDEAS WOULD BE GREAT! THANKS!

Asked by jackaroo400 9 years ago

Water-proofing can this be done, please?

Hi, Thanks for stopping by! I would like to do a large (2m2) outdoor papier-mache project. Essentially it's a large plant holder display and so would need to hold about 25lbs in weight and be able for me to water the pot plants it will hold. These are my concerns, and I would seriously appreciate some advice if you can: - How do I waterproof the whole thing? I was hoping to use strong wallpaper paste and then seal it with about 3 coats of oil-based paint like eggshell. The other worry I have is where I cut holes into the papier-mache there will then be an unsealed exposed edge where water could get in a separate the layers: I don't feel that paint would be sufficient for such thin areas/egdes...what would you do? Again, thanks for reading me, please help if you can. Kevin

Posted by kevinhannan 9 years ago

would a instuctable for how to make a paper mache cherry bomb be illegal and if not should I post one?

The main reason been so as I could get help off fellow members to refine the process. I would be using the resulting product for metal detecting for the recovery of buried targets in the goldfields where the ground is too hard to easily dig and on the beach if the target is deep?

Asked by grentes 8 years ago

Mache materials?

What if I wanted to make a mask or something of that sort? Should I stick with paper or try my luck with something like gauze? I know there is stuff like plaster gauze but I already have a lot of other stuff to work with. Also if I wanted to speed up the drying process so I can take it off of my face could I used something like a hair dryer or heat vent?

Asked by Rhetorical_Save 9 months ago

How to make a huge hollow sphere?

I am planning on a project and I need to know how to make a huge hollow sphere? I was thinking about using paper mache around a huge sphere, but dont know where to start, like what would i paper mache around. I would like the sphere to be about 30"-40" in diameter. Even though Ive said it, please remember it needs to be about 30"-40" before you answer your question. Thanks!

Asked by Hiyadudez 6 years ago

Easy giant spider for Halloween? Answered

I was wondering if anyone knows how to make a giant spider without all the complicated wire mesh and all the paper mache?????

Asked by camping crazy 4 years ago

new stuff

I will post pics soon. but im posting a maching gun (rbg,fullauto) and a mp6 (mods to the mp5 gearmassalt rifle) and how to make the real quad blaster bullets.

Posted by knexsuperbuilderfreak 10 years ago

Cnc initial test program.? Answered

I am converting a Gerber System 48 router to a gecko parallel mach 3.I need a test program for safe testing of all functions.Thanks Mike

Asked by mik-crowd 1 year ago

Home built 5' x 5' CNC table? ? Answered

Will Mach 3 work with Fusion for my 5' x 5' CNC table? Built it from the ground up to use after retirement.

Asked by plasma1 1 year ago

21 game

In the late '50's Popular Electronics magazine (out of print) published an article "building a rudimentary computer" It was called the Challenger. It was a circuit that could play the old parlor game of "21", and utilized a mechanical stepping relay to do the "computing". There was a series of 21 pilot lamps, with a 'player' and 'machine' pushbuttons. The player, and the machine, in turn, could light 1, 2, or 3 lamps, with the object being to avoid lighting the last, or 21st lamp. The machine would invariably win. The secret is that within the number 21 there are five groups of 4, with one left over. Whatever number the player selects, (1, 2, or 3) the machine then selects a number that, when added to the players choice, totals 4. (player 1, mach. 3 / player 2, mach 2/ player 3, mach. 1) It would seem that today's processors and LED's, could handle this task easily. Would you, or someone you know, be interested in designing such a circuit as a project? I built it back then but I'm afraid my knowledge is stuck back in that time and would need instructions remenicient of that era.

Posted by 2Mikado2 5 months ago

how to make a 3d mushroom school project?

I need to make a model of a mushroom/ can be made of clay paper mache. just about anything. i am not a craftie person and i need it to be easy please

Asked by cheryl1961 9 years ago

is there any knex instructables that are ball machines, that use the lift of the big air ball machine?

I bought the big air ball machine, and was wondering if there are any instructables that use the lift from it.

Asked by the poodleo 7 years ago

Title keeps disappearing

The title of this instructable keeps disappearing: I have had to go in to the editor and retype it in a few time since it's been published.  It seems to randomly disappear.

Posted by The Papier Boy 6 years ago

Would like to make something different to cover the septic tank covers?

We thourght about the Easter Island statues but not sure how. Chicken wire, paper mache and concrete mixed with vermiculite to make it lighter any ideas?

Asked by barsue 9 years ago