Solidworks shows Mass Different from Reality?

Hi, When I check the mass properties of a model it gives me some weight (mass). When I weigh the actual product the mass is radically different (about 10-15 grams). Anybody had this problem? Can Solidworks be trusted regarding mass properties? Thanks, Yair.

Asked by yairtzur 3 years ago

Feature request: mass-mail to subscribers

I have just realised how many people have subscribed to me (over 370!). Since they have taken a special interest in me, I feel I ought to be able to reward them somehow. I would like to be able to send a message to all my subscribers at once, giving them advance notice of ibles etc, to let them get first chance to comment or suggest improvements before I publish it to the general public. Update: the majority of replies seem to be in favour or neutral. (For instance, I currently have two projects awaiting publication that are complete enough for useful comments to be made, but not complete enough to publish properly.) Would you have liked the chance to comment on a project a few hours before everybody else? Or to be able to contribute to it before it is published? Or maybe you want to publish a project that is unavailable to the wider public because it does not meet the site's usual family-friendly standards? Or am I giving the concept of subscribers more significance than I ought?

Posted by Kiteman 9 years ago

Collections - a problem?

First off, this post is in no way targeted at any specific authors, and is just a piece of opinionated feedback. However, I will make reference to the data that I found about certain users. I love Instructables. Specifically, I love being able to browse the recent section, to see what fantastic ideas people have come up with and shared with the world. However, I hate being confronted by a wall of 'Collections' - it really does bug me! It is not new work - yes, it can make it convenient to look at recipes that all use tofu, or DIY quadrocopter plans to compare them, but it is not new content! I don't want to be offensive, but when you make 88 collections in under 2 weeks, it comes across like you're just begging/spamming for votes and don't have anything useful to add of your own design/ I propose a filter, that would allow you to remove collections from your viewing on 'Recent', to stop them clogging up the page if you so wish - not a policy change to stop collections from appearing, but an option to do so.  As a separate proposal, I suggest that the views for collections be disabled, to discourage spamming, and promote original content. I'd love some feedback from others, so please do chip in. If you want, you can PM me if you have the desire for a more private conversation. Cheers, S.

Posted by SanjayBeast 4 years ago

description of cell growth needed? Answered

Nowadays a question arose in my may sound stupid.animals  and humans take in food and then it is transferred from complex food to simple food.then it is transferred into energy. now i have the following question: 1)what type of energy is this?you know a bit, is this thermal or something something. 2)next if this is enegy a type of non shaped or non matter then does it help in our growth of cells.if it then how . 3)how is this energy helping us to move or do works? so its just out curiosity.thanks for viewing and further answering.bye

Asked by argha halder 4 years ago

3d printing for the masses


Posted by royalestel 11 years ago

Mass Produced Ideas

My CNC machine is almost done and a vacuum form machine should be really easy to make (1 or 2 days). I've always wanted to mass produce something, so does anybody have any ideas for a cool electronics device that they would want to buy? I'm going to make everything surface mounted. If anybody has any really good ideas then PM or post here, maybe we can even reach a percentage agreement.

Posted by guyfrom7up 10 years ago

Reaction mass? Answered

The water should be called reaction mass. The reason it makes the rocket go higher than just air is it has more mass to eject. Rocket thrust is a product of (ejected) mass times velocity. Either greater velocity (higher pressure from pump) or greater mass (water) produces greater thrust.

Asked by gizmologist 1 year ago

Does 1.01 grams of hydrogen have a mass equal to 12 grams of carbon?

Hydrogen has a molar mass of 1.01g/mol . A mole is defined as the amount of substance that contains as many entities as exactly 12g of carbon-12. Carbon has a molar mass of 12.01 g/mol. Also: In my textbook it states that "1.01 grams of hydrogen contain 6.02214199 X 10^23 atoms of hydrogen." Does this mean that 12 grams of carbon contain 6.02214199 X 10^23 atoms of carbon?

Asked by sosos 3 years ago

To All People In The Greater/Metro Vancouver Area

Let's do something... epic.....Sometime in the next 3 months (to be announced), I want to see everyone that looks at this topic to show up at a location in the Vancouver area (to be announced-yes, another thing), with as many throwies and floaties as you want to bring (preferably over 20, as we will release them onto the city sometime at night (t.b.a. - wow, this isn't very organized). If you're looking for parts, Active Tech (1st and Boundary in Vancouver) has the cheapest LEDs, in $15 100 packs. Batteries you can get from dollar stores. The point of this is to have a a little fun, and to annoy the horsemen.Let me know your ideas on a time and location.LN

Posted by lucidn 10 years ago

'ibles Answered

Where do you know somebody that post the things that written on the book "mini weapons of mass destructions"????? thx in advance.

Asked by bramblebee100 6 years ago

How do they sharpen pencils.... in mass? High speed, mass quantity? Answered

I don't think that pencils are sharpened at the factory with a regular pencil sharpener... it would take forever. I want to know how they, pencil makers, sharpen thousands of pencils.

Asked by bellinghammakerspace 7 years ago

in a counter balanced system, do I need to account for both the load mass and the counter balance mass for acceleration?

I have a simple 2 pulley system lifting a 2400lb mass.  Imagine a chain lift, starting at the load mass, up over a sprocket, across to a second sprocket, then down to a 3000lb counter balance mass.  to move the load down, I'll need to apply 600+ lbf down on the load.  To move the load up, I'll apply   _________________   |O                                O|   |                                      |   |                                      | 3000lb                         2400lb counter                        Load

Asked by JFunsch 6 years ago

Does anyone have ideas on a rocket mass heater / Stirling engine hybrid?/?

In the beginning stages of my research on different green technologies. these two would seem to mesh well with the correct engineering , but i haven't run across  any examples of it. Your thoughts? Maybe something new may come of this?...

Asked by ericb985 6 years ago

What kinds of machines/tools are used to mass produce BULLETIN BOARDS mostly CORK used.

Want to manufacture BULLETIN BOARDS Mostly using CORK. Any guidance Thanks

Asked by abcofficesupply 8 years ago

Winter weapons of snowy destruction

It's winter and snow is everywhere (well where I live there is) People are sledding and making snow angels. And of course my favorite part- Snowball fights. Snow in ball form whizzing thru the air towards people. Me loving to build stuff and loving to improve it to, I wanted to make something that could throw snowballs better than any person. I have an idea for a couple launchers and cannons but I want to see other people's ideas. So post anything, a launcher, a cannon, a catapult, a chucker. Anything that can accompany someone in a snowball fight. So people POST.

Posted by ostomesto 7 years ago

Terrestrial mass planet measured orbiting nearby red dwarf

From Science Magazine:A group of astronomers today announced the discovery of the least massive planet yet detected outside of our solar system. It is lightweight enough--between two and three times the mass of Earth--to almost certainly be rocky like Earth rather than a huge ball of gas. Although the planet orbits too close to its star to be habitable, a new analysis of one of its neighbors suggests a world with deep oceans.The observation of Gliese 581e, made with the usual radial-velocity residuals fit, is of a terrestrial-mass planet orbiting insanely close to a red dwarf star. Nevertheless, it marks a substantial improvement (a factor of three in mass) in the precision of the radial-velocity technique.Read the whole article (let me know if it's password protected) for details.Another news article (including a very nice diagram of the habitable zone as a function of the mass of Gliese 581) is available from Science News.

Posted by kelseymh 9 years ago

3d modeled figurine of my Mass Effect 2/3 custom character?

Ok, I'll probably be one of the first to admit it's a bit childish, geeky, and frivolous, but I've really been looking for a way to get my custom character from the Mass Effect games OFF of the tv screen, and ONTO my bookshelf... I was considering using 123d catch and screencap the character from multiple views, but that would only get me standing views of the character. I want a figurine holding a Geth sniper rifle, and looking bad@$$... anybody have any ideas/sources?

Asked by sjeenyus 5 years ago

Cheap mass solar energy

I am going on a trip to mexico to build houses for poor families. I was wondering, is there any solution to lighting where our team could make multiple packages that we could give to the families that would supply them with light, etc. ?

Posted by Twistman 9 years ago

Vibrobots - a technical question

All vibrobots I have seen use an offset, rotating mass to induce vibration. I have access to a motor with a reciprocating output. Would it be best to set the mass vibrating front-to-back of the vibrobot, or up-and-down? Or at some angle between the two?

Posted by Kiteman 8 years ago

Is this a mass change or disturbed local gravity? Answered

I dropped a single 6mm dia steel ball down a 3/8 copper tube 1.29m (50.75 in) long, it took less than 1 sec to pop out the other end. I then dropped a string of 5 X neo disc magnets, 5mm dia x 3mm thick, down the same tube and it floated down taking 7 seconds to pop out the other side. I tried the same experiment with an aluminium tube and observed the same results. What is causing this phenomenon? Could it be magnetic eddy currents in non ferrous material? Has the mass of the neo mags been changed or is it a local gravitational disturbance?

Asked by petercd 3 years ago

Hard drive won't mount?

So, I've had a toshiba 2.5" SATA 250 GB internal HD for a while now. I got it from an old toshiba laptop. I finally got an enclosure for it, and I plugged it in. windows made the sound it makes when you plug something in, and in device manager the usb port said a usb mass storage device was plugged in, but it didn't show up in my computer, nor did it show up in disk management. I searched the net for hours trying to find the problem, reading about how you might need to assign it a letter in disk management, and other more "grim" outlooks on how it might be dead. I listened to it closely, and heard it making very VERY soft ticking noises at a regular rate. I immediately thought the worst, and came to the conclusion that it was dead. The next day, I decided to take it into school with me, as my teacher was pretty smart when it came to computers, and maybe she could provide the tiniest shred of hope. She asked me to plug it into one of the school's desktops. I plugged it in began running like normal. It showed up  on my computer, and showed the correct disk size, as well as a document I'd put on there long ago. I couldn't believe it!  When I got home, I plugged it into my computer, but surprisingly encountered the same problem. I decided to do a bit of experimenting, and I started plugging it into various computers we had around the house, and lined up all the facts I had: It didn't work on my laptop. (runs windows 7 home premium) It DID work on my mom's laptop. (also runs windows 7 home premium) It didn't work on my old desktop. (runs windows xp home edition, but I don't trust it. It's been acting very weird lately) It DID work on my school's desktop. (runs windows 7 enterprise) It DID work on my sister's laptop. (runs windows 7 home premium) I was stumped, to say the least. Can any of you tell me WHAT THE HECK IS GOING ON?!?!?! The strongest lead I have is that it might not be working correctly on my computer because the usb ports can't provide enough power to mount it. But if my laptop can't mount it, why should my mom's or my sisters be able to? Please provide any other theories you may think are plausible too! 

Asked by tylervitale 5 years ago

Higgs boson? Answered

Does science understand how the Higgs Boson gives other sub atomic particles mass? or is that the next question

Asked by rickharris 5 years ago

How can I mass-produce an image on a small token to pass out for free?

I want to pass out something similar to the old "round tu-its" we got as kids. I was thinking a small wooden disc and the image on it. Screen printing? Wood-burning? I want to make an hand out thousands for my non-profit group.

Asked by fairlyoddmother 8 years ago


Why do you use three bags and not just one bag, do you have some math to go beyond the just do this video and instruction?

Asked by DSCIOCHETTO 6 months ago

Rube Goldberg style machine powered by mass transit

This quirky machine is powered by escalators and elevators in a subway station and has a few creative movements. The message may be a little simplistic and quaint (take THAT, Mr. MAN!), but it's a fun video to watch. It's slow-paced so be sure to stick it out to see everything that happens. Untitled from mudlevel on Vimeovia Wooster Collective

Posted by fungus amungus 9 years ago



Asked by 8 years ago

Who I can unclored plastic, colored in the mass

Hi all ! I want uncolored plastic, or uncolored latex, and I need to know how it's possible. For have light color, pastel color. Like nightblue => lightblue. It's used for cleaning old yellow plastic, like old white or grey computers or consoles, but it's maybe only for have the origin color, not for uncolored the color in the mass. It's yellow because the plastic is oxyded. With hydrogen peroxyde + UV. So, do you know if this combo is good for my project ? Or who I can make it ? It's for custom parts. With many friction, and it's bad to use paint for that. Hope yoou help me, see you soon. Thanks in advance.

Posted by Brolock 3 years ago


How do you de-shell sunflower seeds for mass quanities?

Asked by tey jota 8 years ago

How to add energy to a spring system?

 I need to make a metronome out of a spring and mass system, one that has a mass on a vertical spring that goes up and down. Here's the catch: it needs to be accurate for more then 2 minutes, so I want to find a way to maybe hit the spring just a bit so that it will keep going. But, I don't have any access to a motor, or electrical source. Does anyone know how to do this? Like mechanically? I was thinking like how a clock conserves energy, but mine moves vertical.

Asked by rlnbkseeberger 8 years ago

Underground Tube Air Conditioning

I have long heard about using buried tubes/pipes to use as a heat exchanger to take the hottter air from your house, blow it through a system of closed loop underground pipes in order to use the earth mass as a heat exchanger. The earth mass removes/absorbes heat from the house air in the pipes and delivers cooled air back into the house. Can anyone direct me to web sites about this subject. Or, certainly, if you have knowledge about this, reply to me with it? Thank you, John333

Asked by john333 7 years ago

Some acceleration problem? Answered

Lets say that a  ball of unknown mass is projected with and unknown force vertically upwards with a velocity of 40m/s. What's its deceleration??? Is it -9.81m/s2????? if so i need some explanations!

Asked by ARJOON 5 years ago

Need a hack for this site

I need to find a better way of organizing friends in categories, messaging them, The sight leaves much to be desired and wants to charge for things and way too much'

Posted by Charley Davidson 8 years ago

what is anything that occupies in space and has mass? give the meaning of 4th state? Answered

one word, 6 letters. The 1st letter is M, and the last letter is   give the meaning and who discover the 4th state of m____r.

Asked by Waren-Neutron 7 years ago

mini batches of wine

Im gonna start making mini batches of wine to see what kinds im gonna mass there a formula for sugar to making them in pet bottles or cocacola bottles

Posted by rollingstoner357 10 years ago

Calculating Speed?

If you have an object with a mass of 2000 grams, and it has an average force of 635.029 kg pushing it for a distance of 6.096 meters before it becomes a free-flying projectile.  How fast is the object traveling after the 6 meters and how do you calculate it.

Asked by 5 years ago

My toshiba wont turn on, the battery died Answered

 i plugged the adapter in, and now the adapter is like making a tiny but high pitched whine. any clues smart masses??? thanks a ton!

Asked by led235 8 years ago

i need small motors to make little helicopters with just a motor receiver and led does any one know how?

Just a small dc motor with a receiver,battery,and LED.real simple and i can make masses of them

Asked by andreblue 8 years ago

Curved katana illegal in the UK? Answered

I am a bit confused about this, some websites say that all swords that are curved are illegal in the uk, but other sites say that if they are forged using "traditional methods" (ie. not mass produced) they are legal. is this correct?

Asked by Neovenetar 7 years ago

Frogs Forever?

Here's a neat video of bullfrogs clumsily catching prey in gorgeous slow-mo from the Vancouver Aquarium. They point out that amphibians are potentially facing a mass extinction, due to wetland reduction and chemical contamination. (Check out the crazy gender-bending effects of herbicides!)

Posted by canida 10 years ago

How do I extract vegetable oil from algae?

I've just seen the fantastic instructable on growing algae en-mass, and have a few ideas for it. However, does anyone know how to then extract the vegetable oil from the algae? Thanks :)

Asked by ohowson 9 years ago

What RSS Feeds Are You Subscribed To?

What RSS Feeds Are You Subscribed To? Also, what do you use to read them (your RSS reader)? Maybe make them links to the site with the feed too. I have about double the amount of these feeds but I'm only subscribed currently to these ones.My Subscribed RSS Feeds:[AlbinoBlacksheep] - Flash animation/games site[ Darkmotion] - Instructables user Darkmotion's blog. Sometimes I look at people Instructables pages and If I see they have a website, I usually visit it.[ Explosm] Daily webcomic and other stuff.[]Instructables - All published instructables.Instructables: News - The instructables blogInstructables: Comments - My comments backtalk feed.Instructables: Inbox - My private message inbox[ Lab with Leo Blogs] - Mass feed of everybody's blogs on the TV show "The Lab with Leo Laporte" on G4TechTV.[ Maximum PC] - Mass feed of everything on, official site of the magazine.[ Smash Bros. DOJO!! Latest News] - Mass feed of the official site for the upcoming Wii game, Super Smash Bros. Brawl. [ Weebl's Stuff] - Funny flash animation/game site.

Posted by Aeshir 10 years ago

Need help from archery/ siege weapon people?

So im planning to make a ballista for a school project. I haven't learned all that graphing stuff yet, so how do i determine the range of a projectile launched according to it's angle launched, mass of prjectile, and draw weight? i suppose it would go somewhat like (Mass of projectile) x (n constant) x absolute value of ({angle launched - 45 degrees} x k constant ) x draw weight x g constant sorry, im not good at math. would it work if I just flung projectiles and recorded distances and graphed that? or would I have to calculate each thing seperately? please help 

Asked by picklepie159 8 years ago

Use arduino to program a cheaper AVR to mass-produce an application/use?

So I'm new to the whole Arduino scene, just started messing with it today and I love it. Thing is, I bought my starter kit for about 50 bucks and want to use it to program an RDIF key reader for all the doors leading outside my house and buying an arduino kit for every door isn't exactly cost-effective in my eyes... So I was wondering, is there an alternative that can be programmed once and burned maybe? Or maybe use the arduino to write to a cheaper ARV and just make a bunch of those? Basically i'm trying to make at least 4 of these things for a cheaper price tag than buying an arduino for every door leading outside... Any ideas?

Asked by zenoture 8 years ago