Are all wireless products such as cell phones or ummm.... home phones and everything else that doesn't use IR, use pulsed magnetic wave, or supersonic sound? I'm making a wireless power device that pulses magnetic fields, is this dangerous to my health? I don't want to be a mutant or be sterile or anything.

Posted by guyfrom7up 10 years ago

how make wireless transmitter?

How make wireless transmitter?

Asked by Apache4690 8 years ago

how to pick up free wireless internet connection?

Whats the passwords for wireless internet connections

Asked by shotcallr 8 years ago


How can i detect a wireless waves ? i want to make this detector please tell me how can i make this?

Asked by esfand_mhs 5 years ago

wirless router

I really bad wireless and i was wondering can a apple wireless router work on a ps3?

Posted by crazybanana 5 years ago

antenna for wireless connection?

I would like to improve the signal from our modem.  (serviced by centurylink)

Asked by MizDaizy 7 years ago

wireless motor

How may I construct a circuit so that I can trigger a motor from a distance wirelessly.

Posted by pro2xy 9 years ago

Wireless speaker connection?

How can i replace the wire between my laptop and woofer, with a wireless alternative, so that i can play music from wherever i want at home ?

Asked by sunboy89 8 years ago

how can I get the wireless I have at my house to pick up on my PSP? Answered

I have wireless at my house and my PSP can sense the signal, but for some odd reason I can't get it to connect!

Asked by king_zilla 9 years ago

how can one extend the range of wireless keyboard and mouse?

Have MS wireless keyboard and mouse, new batteries, with range of only couple feet. Anyway to boost range?

Asked by 8 years ago

Wireless connection problems

I bought a new wireless card for my computer and i can find my network but it refreshes every 5 seconds or so, so i cant connect because it times out. any ideas?

Asked by gantyman 7 years ago

Wire to Wireless? Answered

I purchased some XCam2 cameras, They are hard wired. Due to the need where to locate them, I would need them to become wireless. This is a great site along with some great minds. Thank you all for your input.

Asked by Boriqua 8 years ago

how to make a chip wireless using bluetooth?

Im trying to make a chip which is currently attached to a computer through a wire wireless. how could i do this using bluetooth? is there any way to put something in the chip to accomplish this?

Asked by stephy12345 6 years ago

how can i make a wireless switch to on of a dc motor.......i don't want any readymade remote ....can anyone help me out?

I know how radio and wireless technology works .....but i m lil.perplexed about the circuitry ....so plzzz answer the ques with reasoning and diagram with appropriate values of the components needed...[.just for the the reader knowledge i m new at wireless]

Asked by arihant 7 years ago

How to set up an ad hoc wireless system?

i have a small computer in my locker at school and i want to be able to acess remotely without being connected to a network. i was going to use an ad hoc system, will this work or is there a better way. both computers have build in wireless, if that helps

Asked by dahunter02 7 years ago

how to build a wireless electrical light switch?,

to turn on/off say a tubelight, a fan, a plug socket, what are the hardware requirements , with circuit diagrams, which can be easily replace a wall mounted switch board in a household environment

Asked by 9 years ago

what is a good wireless router??? Answered

We have buckeye cable & they want $150.00(for wireless) & $44.00 a month extra. from e-bay there are thousands of brands to chose from,how do I decide??? we have 4 computers we could hook up,but can only use one with box from cable. any help would be great.

Asked by bigmark 8 years ago

Best cheap wireless communication?

Device x has a button and is 25 feet from device Y. Device Y needs to know when the button is pressed and activate device Z, but it has to be cheap and if I have a lot (A LOT) of these sets near eachother they still need to work without interfering with eachother. Best Solution?

Asked by snowpenguin 5 years ago

I need this answered - wireless with Itouch

Not sure of another forum to post this at so im looking at you guys!http://www.bestbuy.com/site/olspage.jsp?skuId=8741356&st=linksys+rangeplus&lp=1&type=product&cp=1&id=1202648529060Thinking of this, Will it work well with the ipod touch? no connection problems? Please tell me also if u have a ipod touch on it!

Posted by Killa-X 10 years ago


I've had a look on the laptop and can't seem to see an external plug in connection, I've also looked at usb device's but I'm hoping some one has a less expensive option.

Asked by 9 years ago

where should i get the USB transmitter reciever pair in india?

Actually i want to view the image of a web cam in PC with a distance of 100mtr so i need a wireless usb tranmitter & reciever pair .I already view it in other shoping sites except india.So i want to know in india where should i get this one 

Asked by hrath 6 years ago

Wireless water alarm

Hi all. Hoping I can get some suggestions. I have a water alarm in my basement, when it's sensor gets wet, it beeps. This does me no good since I can't hear it. What I'd like to do, it hack it so that instead of beeping, it lights a led I can hide somewhere in the house. Maybe in one of the wifes stupid knick knacks in the living room. If I just needed to wire the led to the beeper, I could figure that out. But I want it wireless. Any suggestions? Mechanically, I'm good. I know how to assemble, disassemble, solder, etc, but I don't know much about the electronics involved. I'm thinking I can use an inexpensive wireless doorbell as my transmitter and receiver. So, I guess what I need to do, is figure out how to incorporate the doorbell button into the alarm so when the alarm triggers, it activates the doorbell. Then, install an led in place of the chime and hide the whole shebang in something. (If it could also send me a text, that would rule, but it's way outside of my current skill level.) Will it work? How do I do it?

Posted by nitsuj1098 5 years ago

can we make a radio receiver using a cystal oscillator ?

Making radio using capacitor and inductor takes a lot.....can we try  make a radio receiver using a crystal oscillator??

Asked by arihant 7 years ago

ubuntu WiFi problems?

Recently after replacing the router in the house, my main ubuntu machine wifi has become extremely slow and unreliable. The culprit appears to be the speed at which the connection get set at 15mb/s or 1mb/s. The Belkin N300 USB WiFi card is capable of 150mb/s, but for some reason it only operates at really nice blazing speeds for a few seconds to minutes after connecting, showing speeds up to 10Gbit/sec transient when first connecting, and the average internet speeds of ~5-10mb/s, but then instantly dropping down into the k bit/s range in the system monitor. * A wired connection is not an option * I have tried "sudo iwconfig wlan1 rate 150"  and "sudo iwconfig wlan1 bit 150" Seems to do nothing. * I have also tried "sudo iw wlan1 set bitrates legacy-2.4 9" This seems to change the connection bitrate, but has no permanent effects, and absolutely no noticeable effects on the actual transfer speeds. * I have tried installing device drivers using windows drivers on the disc, and using "windows wireless drivers" application in linux, though it seemed to have no effect. (I don't think ubuntu is even using those drivers!) At this point I am at a complete loss as to what the problem is. I know that this wireless chip works fine in windows. Any ideas, I am not an expert at this stuff.

Asked by -max- 2 years ago

how to make a pair of wireless headphones?

 how to make a pair of cheap stress cheap wireless headphones??

Asked by 8 years ago

How can i turn a wireless mouse reciever into a xbox 360 wireless receiver for PC?

How can i turn a wireless USB mouse reciever into a wireless reciever so my wireless 360 controller can connect to the PC.

Asked by 8 years ago

Two wireless routers + two wired (not wifi enabled) phones = personal wireless telephone service?

Is it possible to take two wireless routers, the somehow connect two telephones and then create you own personal wireless telephone service?

Asked by baudeagle 5 years ago

LED wireless

Hello everyone... anybody has any information about Wireless LED's ? or what is the mechanism of them ? Like The Fraunhofer LED that are wireless !!!

Posted by mojtabaw 3 years ago

Wirless router from a wireless router ?

Is it possible to conect another wireless router to a wireless router? Not wirelessly but from the other ports ? 

Asked by camb00 8 years ago

What can I do with a wireless mouse? Answered

I want to use parts from a wireless mouse to make a wireless usb hub. I have a wireless Logitech mouse that has a tiny usb to plug into the computer. I want to know if it possible to disassemble this and use the wireless parts for a usb hub instead.

Asked by metalshiflet 4 years ago

Wireless camera?

I was wondering if there is a wireless camera you can make, get or buy. i want to make a wireless robot that will drive around and transmit video to my computer wirelessly. please help i wonder if there is a way to like convert a cheap webcam to a wireless one.

Asked by ski4jesus 7 years ago

whats wrong with the wireless on my laptop? Answered

I try to connect and it says "Windows cannot configure this wireless connection If you have enabled another program to manage this wireless connection use that software..." how can i fix this

Asked by gantyman 7 years ago

Can I connect a wireless adapter to a Blackberry phone (w/o wireless) so I can use internet from a wireless hot spot? Answered

I was gifted a Blackberry Curve 8330 and I noticed that it does not have wireless capability, but has Bluetooth. I don't have a cellphone provider and cannot afford one at the moment.  Is it possible to get a dongle -- the USB plug in for non wireless ready PCs -- so I can use the internet where wireless is available?

Asked by blodefood 7 years ago

can i use a wireless router like a regular router without broadcasting the signal out? Answered

I want to use the linksys 2.4 GHz wireless G router with a 4 port switch. I want to connect three computers to it and not wireless. If not , is there a way to limit the range of the wireless signal to the confines of my home?

Asked by vargasr66 8 years ago

How to stop glare on a wireless camera?

where is the glare from why dose it  come from can anyone help?  

Asked by alspad 7 years ago

Wireless scout camera

Hi, Can someone please show me how to turn my ordinary wildlife scout camera into a wireless camera. It will email or text photos to me automatically from the field as pictures are taken

Posted by Jawalker 4 years ago

wireless doorbell to wireless light switch?

Perhaps some have expereiance with these, id like to change the led light in my wireless doorbell to toggle rather than go off after a coulpe of seconds,  is there a way to bypass or remove or add components to achieve this what should i be looking for,  if no-one knows right off the bat i'll post a picture and go from there?  im not interested in the sound, ill remove the speaker.

Asked by QSDR 5 years ago

wireless xbox?

Hi, I have a desktop PC upstairs that is wireless capable but is hooked up to a wired modem. My Xbox 360 is downstairs next to the tv, I have a new wireless netgear router that I was wondering if I could just hook that up to my xbox downstairs and keep the pc wired upstairs, as I know that most my friends have their 360's plugged straight into the wireless router. Can I have both wired upstairs and wireless plugged in the back of XBOX? If so how

Asked by pete-d-jedi 9 years ago

anyone know of a good diy wireless circuitry instructable?

I'm looking for something that shows me how to turn something on and off with a pic or other microcontroller.?

Asked by SmithDrewSmith 7 years ago

Wireless setup for Guitar

IM new here... what a great site. My Question is. Does anyone see any reason why a baby monitor wouldnt work for a wireless system for guitar. Disconnect speakers install 1/4" buds and find a lil better housing?

Posted by jbartz 6 years ago

help with a question about wireless card

Hello everyone this is my first posting. but i have a wireless card out of a cannon printer. i am wondering what are the chances of useing this card with my newly purchased arduino uno. any help would be greatly accpeted.

Posted by omnacron 4 years ago

qi wireless charging question

If I get a Qi Universal Receiver (like for a cell phone), do I still need to use a Lipo charger with it to protect the battery?  Pics attached.

Posted by aliasjanedoe 2 years ago

resonance wireless inductive coupling final year project (wireless handphone charger)

Hi im doing wireless inductive coupling using square coils.Anyone can advise which equation to determine the inductance? i dont have a LCR meter :( I have problems combining my full wave bridge rectifier and voltage regulator. Do i need impedance matching?

Asked by breadpig 8 years ago